You In My Life

You took me under your wings
When I was too scared to fly
You hold my hands firmly
And never leave my side

You thought me the importance
Of believing in myself
You always have faith in me
More than I have in myself

You give me courage all the time
By simply having you in mind
You never failed to lift me up
Your trust is more than enough

You showed me how to accept things
I thought I will regret
And made me realize
How stronger I can be

You told me to just take my time
When all I want is to run
You always push me up
Toward the distance land

You educate me about life
And guided me so well
Enough that I can stand on my own
And make you proud someday

Now that we’re not together
For some reasons we have accept
I am and always be thankful
For having you as my Sis.


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