BESt Of Friends

Its been more than ten years
Since the day we’ve met
I can’t remember exactly when
And how we become friends
All I know were just two strangers back then
Not even sure if were gonna click.

We’re just part of a group of friends
With different buddy’s and close friend
From two strangers to common friends.
We tried to share the same things
From same classroom to same task
Until we set the same plans and goals.

Then at one end we realized
Were not just a common friends
Who tried to be part of a certain group
With different persona and belief
Were not just as they are because
We are each other’s “Bes”

I’ll never forget the times that we had.
The heartfelt discussions, good and bad.
Those silent moments and teary eyes
Unending stories and sleepless nights
From simple to great things we’ve shared
Things that make our friendship tight.

Now that we’re heading into different paths
Setting different goals and hopes in life
Take in mind that we still have each other
No matter what the time will bring unto us
Storm and misunderstanding may take part
But we always have each other hearts.


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