Long ago you made a choice
So eager to prove yourself
The trail you chose is unexpected
It led you straight to darkness

Your heart is filled with pain
Your mind cluttered with confusion
Pieces of your life falls around you
Like raindrops in a storm

Emptiness surrounds your being
Confusing your own perfections
You are always in dimness
Deciphering your situation

Now your weary feet struggle
To find the road back home
It searches for the place
Where love and beauty belongs

The soul you always long for
Will always stay for you
Waiting for your presence
With smile and forgiveness too

She will always give her finest
To seal your heart with happiness
She will clear the cobwebs of confusion
And help you uncover your goals

She is good in catching pieces
Better fixing the broken ones
She can chase away a storm
And share her shields with you

She will walk the path besides you
Be with you if you want to
She have walked this road before
She will accompany and guide you

In times of your weariness
Bear in mind that you can lean
To her modest shoulders
That will be strong enough for you

She cannot fight your battles
Or chase away demons of the souls
But she can lend you her strength
Until you find your own

She cannot shorten your journey
The road is just as long as before
But she can be your companion
A compass and light in your hand

She will fill the emptiness
And help you reach your core
She will help you find the courage
To face each day once more

She will help you through your journey
‘Till you find your way home
A place of love and beauty
Where you always belong


1 thought on “Journey”

  1. Wow! as in Wow! I am proud of you ading… it is indeed a great poem. keep it up and keep writing for more ~_~.

    You definiltey have a talent for writing. I’m really proud of you :).


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