The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button


Watching this film is like reading a book that I can’t put down and never want to end. The movie is quite long but I did not noticed it until it is finished at almost two AM. While watching the movie it reminded me of the 1994 Oscar winning film “Forest Gump“.

One thing I love in this film is the visual effects. The lighting & cinematography is really awesome. Every detail on the screen is carefully created; the sunset, the lightning, the fog and the shadows have much presence as much as the characters. Watching the scenes is like viewing a live painting of a beautiful scenery. Fincher‘s vision of early 20th century New Orleans is enchanting. He did an excellent job in utilizing the movie’s settings and technical effects. Technically it is a masterpiece. The makeup is also wonderful, the visual effects of aging were done almost flawlessly and convincingly. Throughout the film we see Benjamin at every point in his life, from grave to cradle. Almost every scene features Brad Pitt at various ages other than his own and it is really credible – it is just that seamless.

Despite fact that the story is fiction and unrealistic, the characters are still believable. The actors are just so good in portraying their characters, from the lead role up to the supporting characters. I think this is one of the best Brad Pitt’s performance in his career. Even if Benjamin Button’s character does not have much major development, Brad Pitt is really good in portraying the role. He gives a remarkable performance, emotionally nimble as a pre-adolescent and becoming convincingly more distant and weary as the reality of his curse becomes apparent. Cate Blachett who portrayed Daisy Fanning is also good. And Taraji P. Henson as Benjamin Button’s adoptive Mother is astounding.

The story is captivating & thought provoking. More than a love story with a fantastical twist, It is an examination of the connections between time, life and history. It’s distinct message about death is captivating. It somehow let me wonder how to live a full life. Aging, love, and loss are things that we all must deal with at some point in our lives and death is an inevitability we all will face. Benjamin is no different – he only takes a different path to get there.

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