Confession Of A Shopaholic

coasWe went out to see a movie last night, but since Rica was late we only left with one movie to watch. The only late last full show film that night at cinema which is “The Confession of a Shopaholic”. The film is an adaptation of Sophie Kinsella‘s best-selling book with the same title. I haven’t read the book yet and I actually don’t have intentions of reading it. Though I am just curious why a lot of people are reading the book. I have no idea if the book’s plot is any smarter than the movie, which for me is isn’t smart.

It’s a bold and shameless expression of a warped and rotted “me first” culture in which people spend beyond their means then turn around and call themselves victims. Rebecca’s character though funny is somehow irritating. I don’t even find her sympathetic. At first I actually like the way the movie conveys a lesson of financial responsibility. But at the end of the film I don’t get much of it. I can’t just find more substance in the film. I was also hoping to see a lot of glamorous fashion styles and outfits but this film doesn’t have much compare to “Sex and The City”.

The film has full of talented actors getting lost in a shuffle or mess up somewhere portraying an injustice supporting roles. Joan Cusack as Rebecca’s mother looks more like her sister. John Goodman and Joan Cusack bring absolutely nothing to the table as Rebecca’s parents. Lot’s of talented actors/actress are underutilized in this film. But on a positive side Isla Fisher did a great job somehow. She shows her charming, bubbly and funny antics. Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon is quite fitting.

Confessions of a Shopaholic does a good job of entertaining its audience – you’ll definitely remember the colorful clothes and the charming and funny Isla Fisher but apart from that, there is really nothing else.

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