X-Men Origins: Wolverine

wolverineAmong all the mutants in the world of “X-Men” I love Wolverine the most. Wolverine’s storyline is the strength of the three X-Men movies, which were so cluttered that it needed his own franchise to enjoy a bigger spotlight. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” give a quick insight about wolverine’s life in a nutshell. If you don’t know anything about his character the movie storyline is good but if your a fan it might be a little too simple. Nothing new to add from what we already know from the past X-Men movies. There are pieces of the story that are left out. Somehow it felt like the story could have been adapted more thoroughly.

At his core, Wolverine has a simple duality: He resists the urge to be an animal while realizing that the only way to meet out justice is to give into his primal, mutant side. That doesn’t work in this movie, because this movie is too afraid to go to the darkest corners of Wolverine’s heart and mind. To Jackman’s credit, he is somehow bigger than the script even without an ounce of memorable dialogue and only a smattering of action scenes. Having made three previous appearances as the character, he has an excellent feel for Wolverine, and that familiarity illuminates his performance. The role fits him like a glove in spite of the melodrama and a not so brilliant script. Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine as Christopher Reeve was to Superman. If Logan is all good, his brother Sabretooth portray by Liev Schreiber is one of those paper-thin character. A one-dimensional villains who spends the entire movie devoting himself to pure evil for no reason. But Schreiber effortlessly steals scenes from Jackman, and both actors stand above everyone else in this movie. There are so many characters in this movie that is unnecessary in the story. Seeing the range of mutants was cool but they didn’t get enough screen time or character development in the movie. For people who know nothing about the real story they won’t know who they are or where they came from. Maybe it will work much better if they just put a couple less mutants and give them more screen time with a chance to show off what they can really do. We hardly get any chance to take the measure of these mutant. Obviously some of these characters are only around because they might get their own movies later and need to be introduced to audiences somehow. Or perhaps it’s because Hugh Jackman is so at home in an adamantium skeleton with retractable claws that other characters are just pretty design to the film.

Visually the movie is good. There were great special effects and action scenes placed in the movie. Wolverine got to fight some pretty good fights though I can’t find any signature sequence that will stand out as memorable like with other superhero movies. After seeing the movie I felt that there’s a need for another one. Something that will give more justice to wolverine’s characters. Hopefully a more exciting and thrilling wolverine.


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