Fast and Furious (The Fast & The Furious 4)

Fast&FuriousFinally I got the time to write a review for this movie after a busy long weeks. I’ll just wrap a few comments about the movie and make this short. The movie went well as far as acting & special effects is concerns. The presence of the original cast from the first movie (The Fast and The Furious) is what makes this film way better than its second and third installment (2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift). Vin Diesel is convincing, Paul Walker is impressive while Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster did well to make their presence feel in spite of lesser appearances. Vin Diesel alone can make any action movie interesting. He has his own genre: fantastic, romantic and hyper-real. On his own, Diesel, with his shiny head, growling bass voice and indefinable presence, is a reason to see something.

Story wise, nothing impressive about the plot. One of the common action movie that tells about drug trafficking, revenge for love ones, conflicts and friendship, just add the car racing events with GPS. More of a cop movie than a real car or street racing movie. The first scene, where Vin Diesel & his company where hijacking a truck is the only action scene that I like. It’s like on the first movie but this one is better. As for the cars, there are more great cars offered in The Fast & The Furious (2001). In fact, there were far more old cars in this movie than new ones. But at least it wasn’t a rolling advertisement for a car company like with other action movies.

The Fast and The Furious movies are only really fun when Dominic & Brian do their thing together. Forget about the story line and disregard some plot holes and you’ll enjoy the metal-on-metal action of speedy ride adventure of this movie.


2 thoughts on “Fast and Furious (The Fast & The Furious 4)”

  1. Say what you will about this series or this film in particular, but I really enjoyed this one. Give it a chance, it’s better than it might seem, even though the title is pretty terrible, redundant, and in need of being changed to something better. Good review, please check out mine when you can!


    1. I agree with you that the tittle is pretty redundant. I did hope that they can come up something better for the next instalment but I guess I hope too much. I haven’t see Fast Five yet but I try to watch it without much expectations.


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