Star Trek


This is one of the film that I don’t have any idea in mind of what is all about until I personally see it. All I know about Star Trek was it is a sci-fi television series way back before I was born. Seeing the movie is a different experience for me. Since I don’t know much about the story there’s no expectations, just another sit and watch experience which is quite unusual for me lately. The movie took off like a bang even before the opening title came up. The thrilling action scene as opening background is one of the best I’ve seen lately. For someone who knows nothing about the series like me, the clarity of the story and conciseness is good which make the editing impressive and the script brilliant. The action sequences are also brilliantly rendered with relatively light violence.

Visually the film is appealing. With the use of bright vivid colors and well executed visual effects this film made the unbelievable a reality. It create a world of alternate reality that everyone seems to accept no matter how fictional it is. The casting is good despite of relatively unknown actors. The dynamic young cast are fitting with their roles and the acting and performance are great. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto did their best as James T. Kirk and Spock. It makes me wonder why I haven’t heard of them in major productions before? I remember Chris Pine as Danny in Blind Dating but I never imagine him doing an action film like this.

It’s quite funny that after all the disappointments from previous movies of 2009 that I’ve watched lately, Star Trek made it better. This movie is fun and entertaining to watch, with some nice jokes, right fast-paced actions and dazzling special effects you’ll definitely never get bored. Star Trek is only the beginning of an adventure, the launching point to wrap us all into a bigger and more exciting world of space saga.


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