Twilight Saga: New Moon (Film)

I went to see the premier of Twilight Saga New Moon last Friday night at SM Megamall with Rica and Bunnz. Rica is lucky enough to get a free four tickets while we got some shirts of Edward and Jacob before the movie screening. The movie start late than I expected because of some programs & games. Most of the games are like a voting polls which make you choose which is hotter between Edward & Jacob. I have to say that the majority of the movie goer inside the cinema are Team Jacob. I am not really a fan of Jacob Black nor the second book of the saga New Moon. I actually find the second book boring when I first read it, maybe because of the absence of Edward Cullen in the story. Though I still went to see the film hoping that they will add more of him but unfortunately for me, the writer just stick on the book basically. Her script is very much a direct adaptation of the novel. Watching the film is like seeing Stephenie Meyer‘s words in action. Most of the lines are just plainly by the book.

This is the last time you’ll ever see me,” Edward Cullen says to Bella Swan.

Edward is as good as his word in that dialogue and New Moon suffers as a result. His lesser appearance make the film tedious. Constrained by the plot of the novel, the film keeps the two lovers apart, robbing the story of the crazy-in-love energy that made Twilight such a guilty pleasure. The Cullen family has a little exposure in this film. The funny, comedic, vampire moments that made Twilight bearable are no where to be found. No more exciting game like the vampire baseball game in Twilight. I wish they expand the scenes of the vampires specially the Cullens and also the Volturi at the end of the film. Obviously this film is for Jacob Black and the werewolves pack.

If you haven’t read the series, the plot line of this New Moon film may be deem. The first 80 minutes of the film is dull. Everyone sort of ambles around with no purpose as the story tries to unfold. I think Twilight had a greater sense of arrival and better storytelling compare to this one. In Twilight, scenes between Bella and her father were quite touching, and Bella’s alienation was easy to understand. It gave her a reason to be drawn to Edward Cullen. In New Moon the reason can’t be found. There is so much content jammed together that we don’t have time to see the relationships or tension build gracefully or to unravel any of the mysteries. It’s a very straight up adaptation, but in comparison to Twilight New Moon is paler than the Cullens.

Good thing about New Moon is the chemistry between the three lead roles. But the acting still needs an improvement. Kristen Stewart has one single facial expression throughout the movie. The special effects here is also better thanks perhaps to a bigger budget. The makeup is more acceptable than the first entry of the series. Overall, I still enjoy the movie, after all I got to watch it for free and I didn’t get sleepy because I’m too busy explaining to my companions what is happening. Seeing the ending of the film makes me excited to see Eclipse, the third part of the saga.

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