Clash Of The Titans (2010)

There are lot’s of big movies coming out lately, after Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp here is another classic film “Clash Of The Titans” with Sam Worthington as Perseus in the lead role. This film is a remake of 1981 film with the same title. A mix of action-fantasy-mythology film. I haven’t watched the original film but I know the basic story. I’ve watched the movie remake few weeks ago, and I don’t plan to write a review until I stumble with a movie review online which makes me want to comment about it.

The review said about the actors and actresses. For me the acting is fairly decent. Sam Worthington as Perseus is not out of place as what I’ve read though he is not the best either. Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades are well cast. It may not be the best acting from them but the chemistry is great. About the protagonist riding on the scorpion’s back as if they forgot they were made out of Calibo’s blood. It is clear that the Djinn tamed the scorpions with the use of their black magics, which means they are already safe and on Perseus side. And about the rescue of Princess Andromeda which is according to the review is technically nothing because she in not meant for Perseus and he wasn’t even from Argos. I think the rescue is needed more than just to create a supposed to be love story. It exist to show the care of Perseus to human as he is half human afterall.

Enough with the comment with the movie review. I’ll try to list some of my views about the movie. What I don’t like in the movie is Perseus whined too much about being a half-god. The movie is overly cluttered with his issues about Gods and Goddesses without too much depth. He keep on saying that he would win his battle as a man and would accept no help from the Gods in any way and any form even when he was about to die and yet he still picks up the God-given sword to defeat Calibos and accepts the help of Pegasus after loosing all his companion in the battle. The Kraken which is supposed to be a major monster villain was given too little screen time.  It was killed too fast as well as Hades who died in few seconds. I like it better if the battle with Perseus with the Kraken and Perseus with Hades is extended. Medussa‘s exposure is much longer than the Kraken and her battle is more exciting than the Kraken. Bubo’s appearance doesn’t give justice to the character. Bubo is the mechanical owl which is picked by Persues out of the weapons chest in this movie. Which he ask ‘what it is?” and then someone say “Don’t worry about it, put it back” and then that’s it. Wasn’t Bubo a gift from Gods too?

The film is at its best in its action-oriented moments but nothing intense. Each action scenes are good on it’s own scene but somehow it didn’t work as a whole. It is still a good movie just don’t take it seriously. As Worthington told an interviewer, “We take it serious so the audience doesn’t have to take it too serious.”

2 thoughts on “Clash Of The Titans (2010)”

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