How To Train Your Dragon

Training Dragons never look more fun. In this animated film How To Train Your Dragon from Dreamworks, those legendary creatures really fly high in giving us entertainment. The trailer may look like the film is just for kid but it is great and entertaining even you’re not a kid anymore. Based on a children novel by Cressida Cowell with the same title, this film tells the story of Hiccup, a Viking teenager who does not exactly fit in with his tribe’s longstanding tradition of heroic Nordics. More than just training Dragons the story explores the innocent but powerful bond between people and extra ordinary creatures.

It is a sweet and delightful movie, with lots of actions, heart-stopping magic, funny moments and endearing characters to watch. Dragons here are lovable, cute, come in different shapes and sizes and have a book of instructions to handle them. They never speak, which makes it more brilliant. They conveyed primarily through behavior instead of dialogue. Toothless a Night Fury black dragon, is threatening at times but cute and lovable. One of the most awesome creature I have ever seen. There are some scenes where Toothless reminds me of Stitch because of his look and one other dragon’s looks like Mushu of Mulan.

The director made an ordinary material a fresh spin, making it funny and exciting. It also has a surprising amount of heart and touching moments. A familiar story but still imaginative, simple without being stupid, full of heart and fun and with lots of lessons to tell. Lesson of empathy, empowerment, self acceptance and friendship. That sometimes solutions to problems can be seen in a better perspective if we just try to listen. Empower people by giving them a chance and showing them the way may give us opportunity to produced great and effective people around us. It also helps to search for the truth and not just simply accept what is written or told to us. Being different empowers us to see what others cannot see. And Friends are more powerful than foes.

It doesn’t matter if you watch it on 2D or 3D because it is a good movie. And good thing about a good movie is you forget the format of what you are watching and get caught up in the moment waiting to see what will happen next. To sum up everything I will quote Gobber line in the movie, “Remember, a dragon will always go for the kill.”

Practice compassion even to your enemies. Learn to make friends. Your enemies may turn out to be your closest and most powerful ally in times of adversity.

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