Iron Man 2

Someone asked me to write a review for the film Iron Man 2, so I am now giving a space for this movie in this site. I saw the film on the first week of it’s released in the big screen but since it is just another kid-friendly comic book adventure film for me, it didn’t give me much drive to write a review until now.

Iron Man is one of the rare superheroes who does not have any extraordinary powers or abilities. Like Batman he only relies on his inventions and creativity to be a super-human. Also, he is the only superhero I know who does not hide his “human” identity in the public.

The film Iron Man 2 lacks a genuine journey for its hero and worthwhile villain to match with. Tony Stark is as good as he is in the first Iron Man but we don’t get much dept on his character in this movie. The idea of Tony Stark having to face his family’s sordid past while securing his own legacy is a promising one. We get to see father and son reconnect, the passing of the wisdom from elders to the current generation. But the film doesn’t deal with Stark family’s prior sins in weapons dealing, instead it tells a simple issue — theft of technology. Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko is barely in the picture and he hardly speaks, most of his words were Russian. His scraggly, menacing, and tough appearance adds to his antagonistic character, but he was provided by a limited good scenes.

As for the action sequences, there’s nothing much of it in this movie. The much-anticipated team-up of Iron Man and War Machine is over even before it begins. And the climactic smack-down against Whiplash is quickly done, it could have done with at least a few more minutes’ worth. Iron Man 2 is just as funny, as entertaining as it’s predecessor, but not as menacing and threatening. There’s no Tony Starks fighting for survival like when he was in Afghanistan in the first movie. Origin movie seems to work out much better.

Good thing about this film is the casting. The director has populated the movie with a set of good actors and actresses. The addition of Scarlett Johansson as Natalie Rushman / Natasha Romanoff is the best part of this film. More than just a sexy secretary her character is intelligent, ambitious and motivated and somehow mysterious. She portray the character with much dept and spice. The sultry looks and seductiveness was all over the screens in every scene she was in. Her action sequences were well choreographed, particularly in the last part of the film. Samuel Jackson playing Nick Fury is also good but his part in this film is obviously just a preparation for the possible next installation of the series. Which is advertise in the movie as The Avengers (team of superheroes consist of Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America). The second and third acts of the movie basically boil down to Tony Stark problems that should be deal and if the need arise he should be ready to join the avengers.


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