I Care To See The Real You

The other night
I was staring at you blankly
You did not even notice
How I almost cry

It hurts for me to see
How you painfully hurt yourself
Pretending day by day
In front of everyone else

You always pretends that you’re strong
A tougher outer shell
But something doesn’t feel right
A broken heart that couldn’t mend

You are hiding yourself
With all the success that you built
But there’s always something wrong
You are trapped in your hell

Don’t try to push yourself
Too far from everyone else
Before it’s too late
That you can’t even find your way

The wall you are building alone
Is now too high to climb
If you won’t stop sooner
No one can reach you ever

You always try harder
To be yourself around your friends
But don’t you realize?
They know who you really are

Friends are just like that
Accept you for who you are
No matter where you are
They are your friends forever

I couldn’t understand
Even if I tried
The reasons for all your actions
And all your pretensions

I can’t come any closer
Afraid you’ll push me away
I really want to be at help
But afraid you’ll just lie in the end

Maybe if you took the time
Find the person you tries to be
Maybe if you look inside
You’ll see who you really are

I hope sooner you will realize
That there is someone who care
To see the real you
And wants the best for you

2 thoughts on “I Care To See The Real You”

  1. i can feel your pain sis… and i know how that feels exactly. i wish there is something i can do to make it better too, but it seems that he doesn’t think he needs us right now. Someday, this too shall pass. When that happens, i hope he will be running to the people who were there for him all along. for now, be strong… he will be needing you to stand by him when the time comes. luv u sis, d2 lng me. God bless!


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