I Don’t Deserve

I’ve been transparent from the start
You know me too well
As well as I know you too much
I don’t deserve your pretensions

I always wants you to improve
I’ve been showing you your potentials
It’s not my fault If I’m on your top
I don’t deserve your envy

I gave everything I have for you
Extending myself to help
I haven’t done a thing wrong
I don’t deserve to suffocate

I can’t believe what I’m getting
After all what I have given
Investing everything I got
I don’t deserve this treatment

I’ve been a good friend to you
All I want is the best for you
I can’t believe what you are doing
I don’t deserve this crime

I don’t deserve what I’m getting
I don’t deserve all these things,
or anything worse.
I don’t deserve your lies

– – –

“The most painful kind of lies are the ones delivered by the people you care about the most. It makes you doubt everything you know and makes you wonder why you care so much. And worst of all, it puts you in the position of deciding whether to tell them you know they’re lying or act like you’re too dull to even know the difference. Keep this in mind the next time you lie to someone who cares about you, because more often than not, they know and it hurts a lot.”


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