Kokology 2 by Isamu Saito & Tadahiko Nagao

I bought this book few years ago, then a friend of mine borrowed it and lend it to her friends until I lost track where it is. Finally I got it back few days ago.

Kokology is based from the popular Japanese pop-psych quiz game with the same title. The term kokology means study of kokoro (“mind” or “spirit” in Japanese). The book contains series of psychological games designed to uncover emotional and behavioral traits of the players. It reveals the players’ hidden attitudes about family, friendship, love, finance, work and more. It can be played alone but it is suggested to played it with friends for more fun experience and the chance to discover their personalities as well.

Each game starts with a subject header or the title question followed by scenarios or imagined situations. You as a player should imagined yourself in these situations and react from it. It may also required you to draw or write something in a piece of paper. After each scenarios, are set of defined answers where you should choose one. Then the definition of each answers is revealed at the end of each game. The answers are interpreted from a psychological perspective which tells the way your mind works. It share what type of person you are and helps you discover yourself. The explanation of the answers may matches what you believe in or what you want to believe with your self while at times it’s totally not what you ought to be or the other way around. It may also be hilarious for some but definitely fun to discover.

Kokology is one of the book I usually grab on shelf when I am bored or I simply want to read something light. This book is more than just a psychological test book, it’s a lot more fun. If Rorschach test uses inkblots this book uses words which make it more simple. It puts a spin on traditional psychological tests by transforming them into a series of entertaining and approachable quizzes.

Here is a sample game from the book. Enjoy playing!

… Imagine that you are a comfortable pair of shoes. If you could pick any person to wear you, who would that person be?

make sure you have your answer before continue reading…

When you imagine yourself as another person’s shoes, you mentally place yourself in the position where they literally step and walk on you. This image is associated with feelings of self-negation, surrender, and subjection to the will of another.
The person you named as your wearer is someone you can easily imagine yourself utterly enslaved by or would be happy to devote yourself to, body and soul.
Did your response surprise you? Don’t be alarmed; there’s no shame in wanting to be totally dominated. Well, maybe just a little shame, but that’s part of the thrill, isn’t it?

1 thought on “Kokology 2 by Isamu Saito & Tadahiko Nagao”

  1. I’ll share this simple quiz on my Facebook. I’m happy with my answer. Immediately, I dismissed the idea of being a pair of shoes. Unfortunately, that inability to become subservient is getting me into trouble at the workplace, lol.


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