One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard

I got this habit of listening to audio book while travelling or waiting in line. Most of the audio books I got are self-help books that are light and easy to finished. The last audio book I’ve finished is Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s The One Minute Manager.

The book discussed three things:

  • One Minute Goal Setting
  • One Minute Praisings and
  • One Minute Reprimands

I particularly liked the section about the One Minute Reprimand. It reminds me some clear and simple approach in managing others. It emphasizes that you can be strict and firm with people, but also let them know that you still think they are a valuable part of the team. The concept of reprimanding others is you do not target the people, you target their behavior. One Minute Goal Setting explains the importance of setting clear goals. One Minute Praising is helping people reach their full potential by catching them doing something right and encouraging them to do more of the same.
This book is recommended for anyone who wants to be a good leader and for anyone who wants to know how to treat others well in the workplace and in life.

Quotes from the book:

“People who feel good about themselves produce good results.”

“Help people reach their full potential; Catch them doing something right. “

“The best minute I spend is the one I invest in people. “ “Everyone is a potential winner. Some people are disguised as losers, don’t let appearances fool you.”

“We are not just our behavior; we are the person managing our behavior.”

“Goals Begin Behaviors, Consequences Maintain Behaviors.”

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