I Moved My Cheese by Darrel Bristow-Bovey

I pick-up this book without knowing that it is not a self-help book. When I read the title I thought it’s somehow related to Spencer Johnson‘s Who Moved Your Cheese. But the cover says “This is the self-help book for people who want to take no steps at all. This is the self-help book for people lying in the sofa”. And that is something!

This book is the lazy man answer to self-help books. It’s full of hilarious spoof of different self-help book. It mimics and satirizes the solemn tones, basic advise and the way that the self-help genre takes itself so seriously. The basic message of this book is simple, “anything can be faked”.

Each chapter or story has it’s own lesson delivered in a funny & sometimes sarcastic way. Below are some of the messages from the book:

“If you have no wisdom of your own, reading self-help books will not help you. You will have to write them instead.”

“Inside us all there is the secret truth of ourselves – a truth that is hollow, like an eggshell that has spilt its water. We just need to embrace that hollowness, and give people the opportunity to persuade themselves that there is something there.“

”Instead of trying to improve yourself, reap the benefits of letting others do the improvements for you.”

“It’s no good telling me that I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Sweating the small stuff is what makes us function normally.”

“When life gives you a mango, use it to make sangria.”

“Stupid is as stupid does, so stop doing stupid things.”

“Life is like a box of chocolates – it is overpriced, will make you sick if you have it too quickly, and if other people see you with it, they will try to take bits of it away from you.”

“Always leave the party five minutes before you have run out of things to say.”

This book is fun and cheesy so don’t take it seriously but then inspite of all the rubbishness, the book and some of it’s lessons are true and somehow makes sense.


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