Step Up 3D

I know this review is way due already, I started writing this the night I watched the film which almost a month ago but I did not finished  it, so it end up as a draft post in my dashboard. I don’t intend to post it this late but still I want to share my thoughts about the film which I did enjoy watching. As of I know the film is still showing in cinemas so maybe it’s not too late after-all.

I’ve watched the first two Step-Up films, so basically I know what to expect from this movie. Just to refresh some of the characters relation from the previous movies, Moose (Adam Sevani) is in “Step Up 2: The Streets” he is part of the group that helped Andie compete in the dance competition. Camille (Alyson Stoner), Moose partner in this movie is in “Step Up” film. She played Tyler Cage’s (male lead in the first film) younger sister. Now they are back in “Step Up 3D”, though I’m not sure if they got the main role or not. The movie poster shows Luke (Rick Malambri) and Natalie (Sharni Vinson) which obviously means that they are the lead characters. But the film tells the story of two couples (Luke-Natalie & Moose-Camille) other than the dance battle premise. I enjoy more the Moose and Camille story compare to Luke and Natalie. The latter is the photogenic couple while the other is more a down-to-earth and easy to relate with couple. It’s much easier to sympathize with Moose and Camille, since they aren’t as formula-familiar as Luke and Natalie.

The plot as expected is simple and predictable. But since I already expect the worst before seeing the film, I don’t care much about the plot. Yes, there are clichéd moments, melodramatic and cheesy lines, under develop characters and lots of not so nice details but who cares? I went to see this film not for the story but because of the crazy dance moves which they managed to execute well. There is street dance, jazz, lock, pop, robot rock, tango, and a little bit of ballet. I’m not really amaze with the robot thing dance but there are three dance scenes that I really enjoy. The finale dance competition, the Moose and Camille street scene and the dance scenes in the battle of gwai. The finale with all the lights or leds costumes from head to toe is visually stunning. The dance moves are well choreographed and well delivered. The Moose and Camille’s one shot sequence with the old song “I wont dance” which may look like out of place in the movie is the most engaging dance scene for me. It’s totally different, fun and enjoyable. The couple put up an impromptu show using dustbin lids, couch, paintings and others. And the battle of gwai where Moose with the pirates dance in the watery stage. Somehow it remind me of Micheal Jackson’s moves.

For the casting, Adam Sevani as Moose is one of the best thing about this movie. He deliver his role well giving the character so much life. No doubt he can dance and act at the same time. And he did not only do hip hop, his dance sequence with Camille proves it. He is defenitely fun to watch. Alyson Stoner as Camille finally get more screening compare to other movies I’ve seen her. She also got the talent. Sharni Vinson as Natalie has the moves but her acting didn’t match the level of her dance moves. Rick Malambri as Luke is just ok. Actually, I don’t feel him much in the film, as if he is just one of the supporting cast.

Overall, the story was cliché but the film is visually stunning, the dance moves are amazing and extraordinary which make this movie entertaining as a whole.

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