Stargazer by Claudia Gray

“We have to remember that life is to be lived one day at a time. You cannot worry about past or future. Happiness is in the now.”

Synopsis from book jacket:

The vampire in me was closer to the surface…

Evernight Academy: an exclusive boarding school for the most beautiful, dangerous students of all—vampires. Bianca, born to two vampires, has always been told her destiny is to become one of them.

But Bianca fell in love with Lucas—a vampire hunter sworn to destroy her kind. They were torn apart when his true identity was revealed, forcing him to flee the school.

Although they may be separated, Bianca and Lucas will not give each other up. She will risk anything for the chance to see him again, even if it means coming face-to-face with the vampire hunters of Black Cross—or deceiving the powerful vampires of Evernight. Bianca’s secrets will force her to live a life of lies.

Yet Bianca isn’t the only one keeping secrets. When Evernight is attacked by an evil force that seems to target her, she discovers the truth she thought she knew is only the beginning…

Personal Thoughts:

I found this book better than the first book, Evernight. It is much more action driven and more engaging. The writing is as good as the first book, it’s still quick pace and flowing. The paranormal element is much better. There is another supernatural element added into the plot, the wraiths. The mythology of wraiths and vampires, and why they’re natural enemies is unique. It gives more details to Bianca’s heritage and the story of her birth. The plot is continues but there weren’t any truly big shockers or twist. Everything happens so fast that you don’t have the time to really anticipate what next.

The characters are still flat and underdeveloped. But honestly I don’t care much about it anymore. It’s like that it already grows in my system. Too bad I don’t care much about them. If there’s one character I like to explore that would be the new character introduced in this book, Charity (Baltazar’s younger sister). She adds a lot of drama to the story. Given her villain persona, I think there are so much to discover about her. Somehow I felt that she’s a misunderstood person/vampire with a deep history left behind. A history worth digging and telling.

Other than the characters, there are also other concept that is underdeveloped. Like the Black Cross. There existence and the purpose they serve is already told in the first book, but we haven’t see any details of them. They are simply vampires hunters, it’s not clear how they functions or if there are any rules they actually follow. There are also some inconsistency like in the first book. Bianca professes to be shy in Evernight, but she never really acts shy and all pretense of being so is dropped by into this book.

Overall, Stargazer is a is a nice addition to Evernight Series and a huge improvement over Evernight (book 1). But it doesn’t make me eager to read the next book, Hourglass even if I already have a copy of it.

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