The Arctic Incident (Artemis Fowl #2) by Eoin Colfer

“Genius. No point in being humble about it.”

The Arctic Incident continues the adventures of the Irish child prodigy and criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl. After managing to escape with the fairies’ money, he is sent to school. He learns that his father is still alive and travel to the Arctic to save him. Meanwhile, the fairies that live below the earth’s surface have discovered that the goblins have been receiving help from humans, and are becoming a big threat. They immediately suspect Artemis, and capture him. After learning that he is innocent, they make a deal. Artemis will help them solve their problem in exchange for help from the fairies to rescue his father.

Personal Thought:

This review is way due already. I’ve been busy planning my vacation lately thats why I haven’t posted anything here for awhile. I’m just trying to catch up now with all the backlogs writing I got on top of my head. So before I headed to my trip in a strange country let me wrap up my thoughts first for Eoin Colfer‘s The Arctic Incident.

Artemis Fowl is an interesting character to follow. I enjoyed reading The Arctic Incident as much as the first one (Artemis Fowl). I love the way the author portrays Artemis as the evil genius and a sweet kid who doesn’t like to show his kindness. Just like what I said in my review of the first book, Artemis Fowl is not a pure evil genius. And The Arctic Incident definitely proves it. He has a heart and some morals. All his evil doings from the first book is made because he is desperately trying to find his father who has been missing for two years. And The Arctic Incident basically center on Artemis rescue for his father.

I love Artemis Fowl’s character whether he is good or bad, more than anything else I love the genius in him. Which I really miss in this book, in the first book he is great as an evil genius but in here we see very little of his evil plotting. I like the fact that he is not just pure evil but I missed his genuine criminality from the first book. Placing Artemis Fowl into a heroic role is somehow amiss. He’s great as an evil genius, but as a hero he’s required to fail regularly. That just makes him clumsy and sad but still a genius. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching him question his ways, and seeing his hurts, while still keeping an arrogant super genius personality.

The story is action-packed but quite predictable, the synopsis from book jacket says it all. Artemis joining force with the LEP seems happen too soon. I imagined that they would have more encounter as enemies first instead of this. But it is fun to see again all the interesting characters from book one. Foaly is still as witty as he is. His constant remarks surely add fun to the story. Mulch Diggins is back after his escape in book one, and he literally saves the day for Artemis & Captain Short mission. Butler is still as loyal and protective body guard to Artemis. There are few additional background added to his character but it wasn’t explore much.

After the successful rescue of Artemis father, I wonder what will be his new motivation in the next book? What’s next for Artemis Fowl now that the faeries and him are even? I’ll be interested to see what is next. What will be his new criminal plans which I guess will also involve his new friend Mulch Diggins.


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