The Lost Colony (Artemis Fowl #5) by Eion Colfer

“No matter what dimension you’re in, there’s a big-headed male trying to take over the world.”

Synopsis From Goodreads:

One hundred centuries ago, humans and fairies battled in a fierce turf war. When the fairies realized that their struggle was futile, they tucked ethereal tail and retreated underground. Only the demons lingered above, plotting to regroup and resume the attack against humans. But their plot went asunder and these would-be revolters wound up in Limbo, where they stewed for 10,000 years. The spell that holds them, though, is degrading; threatening the perilous peace. Only Artemis Fowl, teenage criminal mastermind, and his old comrade, Captain Holly Short, stand between his people and a violent demonic invasion.

Personal Thoughts:

Finally back online! Was out of the town for few days and I haven’t really got the chance to be online except for twitter and email from my mobile. Let me just wrap up my review for some of the books I’ve finished last week. Yes, even I’m busy for holiday I still manage to grab a few books while on the road and during my idle time. I’ll start reviewing first the youngest character, Artemis Fowl. I finished two more books from the Artemis series, The Opal Deception and The Lost Colony but I’ll be  reviewing only the latter for now.

I’ve been reading Artemis series lately, and the stories are still fresh in me. I see Artemis from a young boy who only care about getting his way to practically saving the world. And now Artemis is not so concerned about himself anymore. When Holly asked Artemis why he is so interested in getting involve with this new problem concerning Demons? I really believe Artemis is for good this time. No hidden agenda or something. He is just a genius whos curiosity needs a little more adventure. Artemis says:

“I went from saving the world to geometry in a week.”

For sure any genius who experience his adventures can’t just stay in school and act like a normal kid.

Colfer introduces new and entertaining characters to the series, such as Doodah Day, a pixie with a pension for driving any vehicle; No 1, an imp who doesn’t fit in with his blood thirsty and morphing demon peers and Minerva Paradizo, a twelve year old genius like Artemis. I’m hoping to see again Minerva in the next book. She is definitely a great addition to the series. Just like what Artemis really needs or what the series really need. It’s about time that Artemis had some competition and challenge from someone who is just like him. Though it’s pretty obvious that Minerva’s is a future love interest of Artemis.

The encounter in Taipei 101 in Taiwan is brilliant, I enjoy reading that part. I already expected how Artemis plan to save Minerva with the use of Demon, but I didn’t expect how he will take advantage of the location. I’ve been in Taipei 101 last year and reading that part is so familiar. I can see everything clear, as if I’m part of the scenes.

I love how science and magic work in the story. How Artemis analyze everything logically while constantly opening the existence of unexplainable things. The idea of time spell and the other dimensions were well executed. The character development is great. Artemis matures gradually. In this adventure he really had to make sacrifices and pay a heavy price personally. It’s not about saving his loved ones or his ownself, but simply to do the right thing for others.

I enjoy this book more than anything I’ve read from this series so far. With fast-pace adventure, intelligent humor, exciting and interesting plot this series is really improving. I can’t believe how much I enjoying Artemis adventure.


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