In My Mailbox: Birthday Special

I’ve decided to limit my IMM post, that’s why I didn’t post any new books I got for the past few weeks. But recently I received two special books that I want to post here as I am always grateful for any books I received from others. So yesterday when I received a notice from post office for my package I am really excited to claim it.

I am delighted to see an ARC copy of Divergent from Leann. I’m expecting this book few weeks ago so when it didn’t arrived I thought it was already lost in the mail. But I’m glad that it was not lost afterall but just got delayed. And it is nice to received it on the day of my birthday. Such a lovely gift! It makes me really happy, it’s worth the wait. It is the first and only ARC book I got, that’s why even If I got my own copy of Divergent already I will never disposed this book. I intend it to be forever part of my bookshelves. Thank you so much Leann.

Another book also arrived in my office today, a hardbound copy of Enclave from the author herself, Ann Aguirre. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book and I am really excited to read this one.

Few days before my birthday I also received four signed Daimon swags and a Half Blood guitar pick from Jennifer L  Armentrout.  I’m not expecting anything from her so this is a surprise gift. I already give one of the swags to Chai, that’s why you can see in the above photo only 3 swags. And Rica is eyeing for the guitar pick already so I think I’ll give it to her since I don’t play guitar.

I also got four more books that I need to claim at Fully Booked Trinoma, which are gifts from friends & Rica. So a fabulous mailbox for me this week. What a great birthday gifts! Thank you so much!


10 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: Birthday Special”

  1. We actually got a review copy of Enclave a few weeks ago and Fats (fellow gb admin) will be posting a review on the book on Sunday. The dystopian theme has overruled the vampire/werewolf storyline in YA lit hasn’t it?


    1. YA dystopian is actually becoming a trend lately. Lot’s of YA books series are futuristic novels, I just hope it won’t become too flat for readers like what happen to vampires or supernatural books.


      1. Yup, I agree. I felt that taking from the Twilight template, books like Shiver/linger followed a similar storyline. I mean the whole supernatural romeo and juliet story is alright, but they could add some complexity to it. But yeah, I heard the hunger games series was great. We can only hope that those that follow its footstep doesn’t fail in keeping it fresh. Lets hope they don’t try to BE like suzanne collins’ popular series.


    1. hi iz,
      Sorry I didn’t know that the post were closed for comments. You may comment now I just updated it. & Thank you for the info. I really appreciate it.
      Thanks a lot ^__^


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