Reading Life

I’ve always loved reading as a child. I devoured reading picture books, fairy tale bed time stories and anything magical when I was young. But I don’t grew up having the luxury of getting books that I want. We don’t have a wide range of books at home and fictions are rare in our bookshelves when I was a kid. Most of the books are for learning such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlas, a lot of science books and textbooks that my older brother used in school. But I discover a way to enjoy most of those books. Encyclopedias & atlas became my picture books and I’ve learned to search fictional stories in textbooks like English and literature. Who can tell that I’m actually spending my time in a world of wonder and imaginations if I got a textbook in my hand? At early age I’m aware that books are not cheap so I don’t usually ask my parents to buy me books other than what I really need in school. But I’m contented with what I can pull out from my  brother’s bookshelves. One time when I was still in grade school I cut a page of his old book to use for my assignment. When he found out what I did  I face his wrath  but I’ve learned the importance of books.

To be honest, I can’t remember getting a book from our school library when I was in grade school. As far as I remember, I only entered the library to see a film showing. Yes, my elementary school offers a two in one library and audio-visual room. I discover the real use of library when I went to high school. And on the side note, the first room I entered in that school is a library room where I took my entrance examination. During high school I discover my passion for reading. I can’t remember exactly how it all started but I remember picking up a book just to avoid some household chores. Then it came to a point that I read all night with a flash-light in hand just to finish a book. I borrow books from my classmates and I even rent or buy some if I can’t really get it for free. Those are the times I consume my extra hours reading fictions.

Then college came and I become busy discovering new stuffs. When I move out I can’t bring any of my reading stuffs with me. Friends, studies, organizations and extra curricular activities (school related or not) consumes my time. I almost forgot my reading life, other than school books and newspapers I rarely pick up a book until late year of college. That’s the time I enjoy reading inspirational books and self-help materials. These type of books are not common in our library but I’m lucky enough to get some from friends. They usually lend me their books if I want to read it. They find me more interested with it anyway than they are. I also started buying my own books. Saving extra cash for books is not my priority at that time but I managed to get some of the titles that I really want. So when I started working and can pay for my own books I become more obsessed with reading. From inspirational, leadership, business books, technical books about programming and web development, project management and others. But late last year I found my way back to fictions. I’ve acquire more books than my shelves can accommodate which leads me to join book sharing projects. I’ve met new friends and discover the online world of book bloggers which I never knew existed before. And as I discover new books I also discover new friends along the way. People who share the same passion for books and reading. I used to read alone in my own room and for the longest time I am consumed in a reading world I own. I never expected that books and reading can actually be part of my social life.

Reading and everyday life is not easy to integrate. I know how easy it is to let a reading life slip away, I’ve been there and sometimes I’m still there. This year I challenged myself to read one hundred books, not as big as other readers but having a goal keep me active in reading. I wonder how other readers manage their reading life? Especially those book bloggers who receives a lot of ARCs for reviews. Reading alone consumes a lot of time, then they have to write a review. I’m still amaze when I see some of my goodreads friends setting five hundred books a year or more. That’s more than one book a day! How do they do that?

What about you, how do you managed your reading life?


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