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Whodunit Reading Challenge Experience

Last February I came across GatheringBooks website and found out about their Whodunit Reading Challenge. This challenge is to read and review suspense, crime or mystery books until end of June this year. Being a newbie in book blogging I am trilled with the idea of the reading challenge but I don’t fancy crime/noir novels at that time. After a few thoughts I came up with the conclusion that I should challenge myself to read beyond my comfort zone. So I signed up for Crime Detective level which requires reading three to five books with whodunit theme. I’m positive I can read at least five books, aiming one book a month.

Not ready to scare myself I started with a light read choosing the first book Artemis Fowl series which is actually sitting in my TBR for quite a long time. I wasn’t aware that within the first month of joining the challenged, I already finished three books. The result is positive, my TBR pile is lessen and I’m starting reading books I don’t usually read plus a bonus of enjoying the reading challenge. It is more fun than I expected. March came and Gathering Books team announced the first batch of winning reviews. I honestly didn’t expect any of my reviews to be chosen so I am thrilled to find out that one of my review won – The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time by Mark Haddon.

Few days ago the challenged came to its end which I didn’t really notice until today that I receive a ping back from the post announcement of GatheringBooks team. I am more thrilled to see two of my reviews were chosen – that was really unexpected. When I joined the challenge, I never aimed to win anything. For me it is more on challenging myself to read beyond what I usually read, to explore the written words I don’t usually touch. Win or lose, with or without the prizes this challenge gives me a fulfilling experience. It surely widen my reading range, it makes me discover new author and titles I never knew existed, and most importantly I gain more friends along the way. I discovered different blogs and bloggers I now love to stalk. I am really glad I joined the challenge. Thank you so much GatheringBooks for hosting this challenge.

Kudos to the GB team!


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