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Reaper by Rachel Vincent

“Now if you’ll excuse me, Death waits for no man. Except me.” 

Tod Hudson was a typical teenager. He liked girls, sports, food and tolerated his younger brother, Nash. In fact, he had his whole life in front of him–and due to his bean sidhe heritage, it was going to be a very long life indeed. And then the car accident occurred.

Suddenly Tod’s future wasn’t so sure, and he had to make a choice. Life… Death… or something Between….

Personal Thoughts:

It’s no secret that I find Tod Hudson’s character more interesting than any other character that I encountered so far in Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series. After reading Reaper last weekend and written a poem entitled Reaper (read it here) I still can’t skip reviewing this one.

This novella basically tells the story of Tod Hudson before he becomes a reaper. It takes us back to his life before he lose his mortal life and the actions that lead to his death.

It is always fun to read something about Tod Hudson and getting it from his point of view is really a treat. In My Soul to Take I find him intriguing, in My Soul to Save I enjoy his sarcasm as much as his concern with his ex-girlfriend Addy. In this novella he really shines as a self-sacrificing brother. The story shape more dept to his character as it unfold the secrets behind his death. He surely deserves a life after death may it be as a reaper or not. I can’t help but love him more in this novella.

Tod’s wit and sarcasm never fail to entertain me and this novella doesn’t lack of those snarky-funny one-liners from him. His incredibly sarcastic sense of humor can even make upsetting moments really funny. Just reading his lines makes me forget the dark moments in the story what more if he is actually real? I would love to have him around when I’m down (or even if I’m not down) and I don’t care if he is a reaper!

He’s lovely, isn’t he? Who would have thought that a reaper can wear that angelic face? =) And here are some funny lines from Tod

Book Quotes: 

“So, ‘reaper’ is really just a nice word for ‘covert pervert?’ Is that what you’re saying?”

“So you’re saying the afterlife is hard on the libido? FYI, that’s probably not a good bullet point for your recruiting brochure.”

“So, you reap souls and crush hopes? Is that part of the job, or just a service you offer for free?”

“Sorry, but the whole walking corpse epiphany kind of threw me off my game.”

“So,would you say I’m closer to a zombie or a vampire? I gotta know—are my parts going to rot and fall off, or am I forever frozen in youthful perfection?”

“There was just no good way for a dead son to greet his mother almost two weeks after his funeral.”

“This would be so much easier if they actually issued black hoods,”

“Just FYI, in your case, I think it’s okay to fear the reaper.”

“You bet your scythe.”

“He’s not like you, Tod. Aside from a couple of notable exceptions, you tend to think things through, but Nash is ruled by his heart—” I nearly choked on laughter. “I think the organ he’s ruled by is a little farther south, Mom.”

“If I weren’t already dead, I’d be alive with joy,”


Reaper is a short read that is full of laugh-out-loud lines and has a heart warming moments. It is a story of bond, sacrifices and second chances. A simple story that can make you laugh and teary at the same time. A must read for Soul Screamer’s fans and Rachel Vincent’s followers.

Oh! before I forgot, please don’t forget to vote for Tod on his match with Zachary at YA Crush Tourney.

*disclaimer: The avatar image above is grab from Fiktshun, it is designed by Rachel Vincent’s talented husband.

7 thoughts on “Reaper by Rachel Vincent”

    1. I haven’t read Shifter books but I’m planning to do so. I just need to squeeze those books into my longer pile of TBR. Hopefully once I’m done reading the whole Soul Screamers series but I still don’t have a copy of the latest addition, If I Die. Once I’m done with that maybe I can start another series of Rachel. And that would be definitely the Shifter coz I heard a lot of good buzz about that series.

      I think you’ll like Soul Screamers too since you loved Shifter books. Sometimes the author’s writings made a good impact and this series definitely got a unique subject. Hope you like it too.


  1. i never really knew there was a book called Reaper. i dont even think we have it in S.A as yet…….. what a pitty it sound absolutley wonderful!!!!


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