Filipino Reader Fridays: Introduction

Filipino Friday is a weekly meme originally hosted by Filipino Book Bloggers to discuss book related topics. But for now we are using it to promote the upcoming Filipino Reader Convention.

“Every Friday, a topic will be posted and all Filipino readers are encouraged to make their own post about that topic. Anyone can join as long as your post can be viewed by everyone else – you can post it on Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress or any other social networking site – just make it a public post. A widget will be included in each Filipino Friday post to round up all the links so we can all browse and comment on all the meme posts.”

The meme topic for this week is Introduction.

Tell us everything that we need to know about you as a Filipino reader. You can talk about the genres that you read, your favorite authors, your comfort reads and your best books of 2011. You can also include links of where other readers can find you online: Blog, Twitter, Goodreads, Shelfari, etc.

There is this post entitled “Reading Life” I posted in this blog before which basically tells my history as a reader – how I become a reader, what type of books I start reading and how I manage my reading habits. That post is perfectly fitted for the first two topics of this weekly meme. And since I’m done discussing my life as a reader from that post let me just tell you more about the books I read.

If you’ll ask me to name one book or one genre I love to read you wouldn’t get one answer from me. There is no such thing as ONLY ONE favorite book or one particular genre that I love. In fact most of my favorite books falls into different categories. I choose the books I read not because of the genre it belongs to but mostly because it piqued my interest.

I first in love with fantasy fictions when I was a kid which I think leads me to read more. As the years pass my reading preferences changes. I used to pick-up books from different genre because I easily get bored reading books from the same category consecutively but now YA books are taking the larger space of my bookshelves. I started reading YA books late last year which I’m still exploring. So far I tried fantasy, mystery, paranormal, dystopia, contemporary and a few steampunk.

I still re-reads some of my books even I don’t have much time to pick-up the books I recently acquired. Some of my re-reads this year are The Giver, Tuesdays with Morrie and some of Og Mandino’s books. From my this year reads Suzzane Collin’s The Hunger Game series added to my favorite list of books. Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking series consumes my little reading time this past few days besides with the technical and business books I need to read.

That’s all for now because I feel I’m writing this post half-asleep -__- . You can find me in goodreads, twitter, facebook and formspring. And don’t forget to check The First Filipino Reader Conference. Just click the image below for more details or check the event schedule here.

6 thoughts on “Filipino Reader Fridays: Introduction”

  1. Hi Maricar!The Hunger Games series is a favorite of mine too. And The Knife is one of my best reads. I hope to get the other two in the series soon. Tuesdays with Morrie is a great read as well. I also enjoyed Five People You Meet in Heaven and For One More Day by the same author. 😛


    1. Hi Tin, Thanks for dropping by. I also enjoyed Mitch Albom’s “Five People You Meet in Heaven” but I haven’t read yet “For One More Day”. I hope I to read that one someday. I got a copy of his last book “Have A Little Faith” but it still waiting in my TBR.


  2. The Giver is one of my favorite books as a child and I really should reread that as an adult because I want to know if I will still feel the same way about it. I’ve read the first book in the Chaos Walking trilogy and while I did enjoy reading it, I didn’t fall in love with the book. I did love Ness’ A Monster Calls though.

    YA is an excellent genre for someone like you who likes to mix up the kind of books that you read. There are so many other subgenres that fall under YA and I think you’ll enjoy exploring all of them. 🙂


    1. The Giver is one of the book that everytime I read always give me different experience. It’s like reading it the first time but in a different angel. I like it as a kid and I love it more now.

      I’m really glad I discover YA. I’m enjoying it so far and with so many subgenres under it I think I’ll be exploring it more.


  3. Hey, you’re a lover of The Giver, too! Before dystopia became such a popular sub-genre of YA, The Giver was already there, and that’s why I love it.

    Thanks for joining and hope to see you at the ReaderCon!


    1. When I first read The Giver I honestly didn’t know that it falls under dystopia. I think I expected it to be a sci-fi novel that time and the Newberry award is what really made me pick up the book. Which I’m glad I did. I love The Giver and it seems everytime I read it I take something different from it.


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