Filipino Reader Fridays: Reader’s Story

We are on our second week of Filipino Friday to support the First Filipino Reader Conference. Each week we will be discussing reader related topics. Last week I introduced my self as a reader and the books I love to read, now let me extend more about it because our second topic is:

Your Reader’s Story:

How did you become a reader? What factors influenced you to take up reading as a hobby and why do you enjoy it so much?

I’m not really sure how did I become a reader. As far as I remember my childhood memories doesn’t include much reading books even we have lots of books at home. I am more into outdoor stuffs, playing with my friends and exploring every corner of our neighborhood when I was a kid. We don’t have a reading session like what other kids do with their parents at night. My father used to tell us stories before bedtime but it is more on story telling without a book. But I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy playing outside it just that our books at home doesn’t really suit for me. Most of the books we have when I was a kid are for studies. It took me awhile to find a way to enjoy them. If there is one person in our home who really love to read I guess that would be my brother. He is seven years older than me, so basically most of his books doesn’t piqued my interest until it become too old and too dusty to read. I remember picking up one of Elery Queen mystery series from his shelf at early age and I’m not sure if I really did understand what I’m reading at that time. So I give up trying to read his books.

It is during highschool when I finally invest time to reading. Our school library offers a wide selection of fictions other than textbooks so I got the chance to read some of my favorite books like Nancy Drew mystery books. I also borrowed Sweet Valley High from a friend and even rent books from others. That was the time I enjoy reading fictions that I end up reading at night with a flashlight in hand.

What I really enjoy about reading is the ability to get lost while I’m reading.  It give me the chance to experience things I wouldn’t easily experience in real life. It also makes me travel to a world that I wouldn’t dare visiting or to see wonderful places I never been to. I also love the smell of books or dead trees as i call it. Is that weird?

Reading is my escape…

4 thoughts on “Filipino Reader Fridays: Reader’s Story”

  1. I find it funny that a lot of the Filipino Friday posts mention Sweet Valley and Nancy Drew books! And Sweet Dreams or Love Stories as well. 😛 I’m an escapist reader too, I enjoy reading because I get to be immersed in so many different worlds and spend time with characters who feel like they’ve become friends. It’s so easy to get lost in a book.


    1. that’s why I love to read, books creates more worlds for me to go to. The experience is immeasurable. There are so much to learn & experience while reading. Sometimes I get too attached with the characters & it’s hard to say goodbye to them that I end up re-reading the same book.


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