In My Mailbox: August 28

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren and was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. This meme is about books that you received or bought during the week.

This is an ARC copy of Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto which came from the publisher via Read It Forward. I already bought a copy of this book before but when I found out that I’ll be getting an ARC I sent the other copy to one of my friend. I prefer to keep the ARC copy since I don’t have much ARC in my shelves. This will be my next read. I just need to write some of my pending reviews.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan came from Gathering Books team. These two books are the prizes for the Whodunit reading challenge where two my reviews won. I already read Catching Fire but I don’t have a physical copy.  This one doesn’t match with my US edition of book one, The Hunger Games. So now I’m thinking of getting the other two books in UK edition since I love the UK art cover compare to US cover. Though I still plan to get the collector’s edition of the whole series when they become available. Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jace and Ingenue by Jilian Larkin came from Guen of Ezine of a Random Girl. Ingenue is book two of Flappers series which means I need to hunt for a copy of book one, Vixen so I can read this one. I hope there is a hardbound copy available in local book stores.

These are the books I bought this week: Queste by Angie Sage, Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith, and Angel Time by Anne Rice. I got all these books on sale during the National bookstore’s holiday weekend sale yesterday. I’m also waiting for five more books I ordered from Book Depository. I’m supposed to get at least three books these month. And the other two books a month after the released date. I already email Book Depository regarding the three books and I’m hoping for positive response from them.

What about you, what books did you get in your mailbox this week?


10 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: August 28”

    1. The Quest is really thick but there is an audiobook inside so I might try the audio instead so I don’t have to carry the book with me while reading. I already read Catching Fire and I like it but I love the first book, The Hunger Games more. I’ve heard a lot of positive things for Percy Jackson so maybe I can push this one on top part of my TBR.


    1. I’m excited to read Before Ever After because of all the glowing reviews I’ve seen online. And also because of the author, Samantha Sotto who is a fellow Filipina.


  1. Books are so awesome! I really need to get a Review spot going for books so I can get some ARC’s coming in 😀 I read like a book a day LOL XD Though I should be concentrating more on school *sigh* but I can’t help myself 😛 Maybe I’ll just stick with my audible books while doing homework/cleaning? XD hmmm lol


    1. I wish I can get ARCs too. But I’m not in US so that would be close too impossible. I’m just lucky to won that one from Read It Forward. A book a day is pretty fast, I can’t do that since I also got some other works need to attend everyday. I try to read at least four books a week. I like audiobooks but I try to limit listening to short stories only ’cause I easily fall asleep while listening to audios 🙂


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