YA Books Cover Art Transformation

When I was browsing Devian Art this morning, I saw this particular photo entitled Romanticide that looks so much alike with the book cover art of Passion by Lauren Kate. The art photo is uploaded by Nathalia Suellen under her Devian Art account, Lady-Sympjonia. I’m not sure which one is the original but I assume Lauren Kate’s publisher bought the rights for the design to be used for Passion. I also tried to search other art designs turned to book covers and below are some of the cover arts I found online. On the left side are the photos or art designs while on the right side are the version used as book cover art by some young adult books.

What do you think about the art design transformation?


11 thoughts on “YA Books Cover Art Transformation”

  1. I’m a deviatart user for years and i know that 1st,2nd & 3rd are not original photos but photomanipulation as well. I’m wondering if i can find the original ones….
    Passion Original Photo: http://liam-stock.deviantart.com/art/Aylen-12-96796990
    I think most of the Lauren Kate books are from the same stock girl.

    Between original photo: http://dazzle-stock.deviantart.com/art/Depressed-95857052

    Entwined original photo: http://larafairie.deviantart.com/art/Yellow-Brick-Road-89797735 (still a photomanipulation though since the castle was added later) but i found some more pics from the photoshoot which are really beautiful:



  2. Thanks so much for the info & links. The original photo of Passion and Between are nice. I like the rawness of the photo and how it was transformed to the book cover.

    I’m just wondering about the photo rights. I’m not familiar with devian art but it seems that anyone can manipulate other’s photos since there are so many version online. Doesn’t it violate any property rights when they edited someone’s work and not put any link from the original or doesn’t even mention on their post?


    1. Every stock user has his/er own rules you see. If a photo is on the book cover, then the rights have obviously been bought (at least that’s the proper thing to do).

      As for Deviatnart work, the stock people just want them to credit them at your work description and link to their profiles. None of us can use what we create in sites,books,etc without their permission.Some of them can’t be posted even out of Deviantart. So it’s mostly of a portfolio of what you can do. And most of the DeviantArt artists, when we see someone uses other work (photography or photomanipulation) we try to inform the original owners if we know them.

      Lady Symphonia from above has the links of the stock at her posts. That’s how i found the pics. As for Entwined, the girl who created the photo used only her stock-photos so no credit was necessary, except make ups, models,etc. In books, they state all the places where they took the photographs and who made the final cover (so you can search of the final designer of the covers if you have them. i have none of the books above so i couldn’t find something more than the deviantart photos).


  3. They are both very beautiful and Deviant Art really just lets users upload art for whoever is willing to see.

    Love the Entwined book cover so much.


  4. Hi blacklplume! Wow this is really an interesting discovery! I found your blog at Read Philippines since I’m a member too. It’s really interesting how you placed the photos next to the book covers. My favorite is also the Entwined photo. The castle in the background was really a nice touch! I think the original photo was better than the version on the cover because the curlicues partially hid the image. But they did highlight the girl and her dress 😀 Kind of reminds of the Disney ad starring Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella by Annie Leibovitz! Have you heard of those? You can check them out here: http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/2007/01/disney-ads/


    1. Thanks Wanda. I haven’t visit Read Philippines for quite awhile, but I think we’ve already met before at FBB meet-up in Shangrila. I also like the original photo of Entwined compare to the book cover. I’m familiar with Scarlett Johansson but I haven’t see the Cinderella Disney ad.


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