Recycled Cover Art in YA Books

In my last post entitled YA Books Cover Art Transformation, Carol mentioned in her comment that the cover art of the book Entwined reminds her of The Vespertine. Which reminds me that there are two other books that actually looks so much alike with The Vespertine cover art – Dark Angel and the Aussie cover of The Goddess Test. I’ve also seen a lot of books who look so much alike with other books in terms of book cover art.  One time, I need to buy a book for a friend, but I can’t remember the title nor the author of that particular book but I’m pretty familiar with the cover so I searched the bookstore and bought one only to find out after that it is a totally different from what I’m looking for, just the same cover art.

I tried to search online for some YA books that reused or recycled art designs or photos as a book cover art. These books share the same cover art with other books, some are cropped, rotated, or re-colored to make it unnoticeable. But if you are a visual person like me you might take a second look and try to remember where did you see that cover before? Here are some of the books I find online which share the same cover art with other books.

There are more books out there who share the same cover arts, not just in YA books but also in other genre. Some are altered to make it a bit different but clearly same layout and design.

What do you think of books that share the same cover art? Do you own any books with the same cover? Did you also noticed the similarity?

12 thoughts on “Recycled Cover Art in YA Books”

  1. Wow some of them are so exact! I don’t think any of my books have the same cover art.
    I understand that maybe the publishers are trying to save their money, but it’s like wearing the same dress to the prom that another girl has. It’s kind of tacky. If I was an author, I wouldn’t want to share the same book cover as another.


  2. I think is happening is that authors are just using the book covers friend the original. The Vespertine feels like the original, Evermore, , and Luna too. The others don’t. Wouldn’t read from these authors. Very unoriginal. Like Holly said tacky and we readers notice these book covers.


  3. :/ I don’t like them to be the same and just retouched or whatever…I mean…they sure are gorgeous and when they come out we get all excited and start sharing just to end up finding out that they’re copies…I think they could at least try not to use the same picture over and over…I wish they could be original so as to have original covers on all the books I own… thank god so far I don’t have any that is repeated…
    thanks for sharing again girl!


  4. It drives me absolutely batty. How am I supposed to feel the book is fresh and new when I could have sworn that I’d seen the same book just a few shelves down. :\


  5. Unbelievable. I remember thinking Evermore looked like another book I’ve seen. Now that you’re on the topic of book covers, maybe you could do a post on books whose covers don’t match the description of the characters, especially the whole white-washed covers I’ve been hearing that publishers are doing.

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  6. I noticed how North of Beautiful and Evermore seemed similar but wow! Some of them aren’t even modified enough to look different from the original cover. I know this happens a lot in romance novels too. 😦


  7. The reason this happens is because authors and publishers tend to use stock photos for their cover art, but once you purchase a photo the photographer can continue to sell it. If you were to buy all the rights to the photo (so no one else can use it) it is often astronomically expensive, so most authors or publishers just buy the rights to use the photo, which even still can cost anywhere from 50 to a few hundred bucks, and that’s just the photo, then the cover artist has to be paid to transform that photo into a book cover.

    It’s impossible to find out if a photo has already been used as a book cover unless you’ve already seen it somewhere before and even if you do pick one that no one has used someone else can come along and use it after you. The only way to avoid this would be for authors or publishers to take their own photos and not allow them to be sold elsewhere.

    Personally it doesn’t bother me when I see the same photo used, I prefer that cover artists change the cover in a way to make it more original, but like someone said above what matters is what’s inside the book.

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