Hurricane by Jenna-Lynne Duncan

“We can’t change who we are; I knew that more than anyone. But to strive to be good despite what we can’t change is all about who he was.”

I anxiously looked around, my heart palpitating, just in time to see an alligator slink into the green algae covered water that was on either side of us. I swallowed hard, and my heart raced even faster. Alligators were a different type of predator—the one thing I was afraid of. Now I was on my own personal swamp tour. What if my kidnappers left me in the middle of a swamp with five of them creeping up on me? I’ve had that nightmare before and—oh no, if my dreams really are a sign of the future—I couldn’t breathe now.

Adriana couldn’t decide what was worse—that Hurricane Katrina was heading for New Orleans, or that she might not survive her kidnapping to see its potential effects. She had trusted Hayden, even fallen for him, and now he and his brother Luke were taking her deeper and deeper into the Bayou. Why had two of her classmates, the mysterious Boudreaux brothers, kidnapped her? Why had Adriana’s dreams started predicting the future? Most importantly, would she make it out of the Bayou alive…

Personal Thoughts:

After the two typhoons that hit our country I’ve been busy doing some extra errands lately that’s why I haven’t posted much reviews for the past few weeks. Though we are lucky enough to be safe during the disaster there are few people close to me who suffered and seriously need some help. Now, I’m trying to catch up with my reviews and Hurricane is in my list which somehow easy to relate to after the typhoon.

When Jenna asked me if I’ll be interested in reviewing her book I don’t hesitate to accept it right away. Main reason is part of the proceeds of Hurricane will go to a humanitary cause, New Orleans Habitat for Humanity. That alone convinced me to read this book which I’m glad I did because Hurricane delivers much more than I expected.

Hurricane tells the story of Adriana. An only child living with her single father who doesn’t care much about her. Adriana has been dreaming of strangers and dangers every night. When two new students arrived in her school she recognized them from her dreams. These two new students are the Boudreaux brothers, Hayden and Luke. They are mysteriously presents in every classes of Adriana which rises her suspicion. When she realized that her dreams were actually predicting future events, she begun to question her abilities as well as the mysteries behind the Boudreaux brothers.

The mystery behind the Boudreaux brothers is really intriguing. It is obvious from the start that Hayden and Luke has some paranormal identities that they are keeping from Adriana, which keep me guessing along the way. I won’t reveal their identities but to be honest, the revelations isn’t what I expected.

The settings and surroundings were well written. Jenna write descriptively. The way she describes the place before and after the devastating hurricane is simply vivid. I haven’t been in New Orleans but the book description is pretty good to easily imagine the surroundings. The pacing is right and continues which makes this book a quick read.

The ghost back story were quite creepy to read particularly the descriptions from the old article regarding Delphine Lalurie. It was eerily haunting which will make any weak stomach turn. Thankfully it is just a small portion of the book ’cause I’m not sure If I can continue reading more of those sufferings in details.

At some point I pity Adriana for how her father treat her. I hope there is an explanation why her father doesn’t care that much in Adriana. I want to see more arc to that part in the next book. Because if her father simply doesn’t care for her without any deep reason I would be disappointed. It won’t be right for a father to care more about his girlfriend or his girlfriend’s daughter than his own daughter.

Hurricane has a lot of promise. It is so much more than ghost and spells. It has mystery, suspense, romance, forbidden love all in one. There were also other paranormal creatures that haven’t explore much yet and has a potential to provide a different twist to the next books. As well as the intriguing mystery behind Adriana’s capability to know the future events through her dreams. With all that I’m looking forward for the sequel.

This review is based on an e-copy I received courtesy of the author and publisher, Divertir Publishing.


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