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In My Mailbox: October 9

on October 9, 2011

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren and was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. This meme is about books that you received or bought during the week.

This is me trying to catch up with my IMM post. Been busy lately that I always forgot to post all these books that I keep on acquiring.  The photo above are the books that makes my book buying banned failed last month. I bought all from local book stores I think by end of September, so technically I failed. That is my first attempt to banned my self in buying books and since I failed terribly I think I will never set a book buying ban anymore.

Below are the books that arrived in my mailbox. All were ordered online except for Wolf Hunt which was sent by the publisher for review. Claire De Lune is one of my must buy book because my copy of Noctrune is still waiting to be crack. And there is no way I can read Noctrune without reading the first book, Claire De Lune. The Sky is Everywhere is in paper back. I got a mistake of getting the US edition after I found out that the UK edition has colored version of poems and notes inside. A Conspiracy of Kings is one of my pre-ordered books from Book Depository. It arrived late than expected but nevertheless in perfect condition.

There are few books that I’m still waiting to arrive in my mailbox. Some are pre-ordered books from book depository and two Rachel Vincent’s books I won from Fiktshun’s giveaways. Which I’m really excited to read. What about you, what books did you get in your mailbox?


8 responses to “In My Mailbox: October 9

  1. The Book and Movie Dimension blogger says:

    Nice books and please don’t go on a Book Buying ban again. Books are just so enticing.

    Claire De Lune heard great things about and really need to read too.

    Here’s In My Mailbox


    • blackplume says:

      Thanks! I just tried the book buying ban because I don’t want to add more books with my huge TBR pile. I’m just hoping that book buying can help me lessen my TBR but obviously I failed.


  2. Alba says:

    so many books! HoN series YEY!!!
    Claire De Lune omg I want that book so bad…specially since I love the HB cover so shiny *-*

    you’re so lucky wining over at Fiktshun! I’ve only won once in her millions and millions of giveaways!! >-<
    though that win rocked!

    happy reading, here's what I got this week


    • blackplume says:

      I only get the paperback copy of Claire De Lune to match with my copy of Noctrune. I prefer the art design of paperback much simpler than the HB art.

      yeah! I’m just lucky lately to win two Rachel Vincent’s books from Fiktshun. Those two books are not available here so I’m really thankful to Rachel. I can’t get those books locally. But now that I’m getting a copy of If I Die I need to buy the other books too. My copies are kindle format but getting the physical copies can wait. =)


  3. Epic mailbox this week, I’ve never really tried to impose a book buying ban as I know I would fail instantly through lack of will power!


  4. *SQUEE!* So many awesome books!!!! How do you get them all nicely wrapped up!?! I only see box sets wrapped hehe. I cannot wait to hear all your thoughts!! Thank you for stopping by!! Happy reading!


    • blackplume says:

      Thanks Lucy. Those books were all bought already wrapped. Local book stores sell them just like that. I guess they wrap each books to prevent creases and dust to the books.


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