My Bookish Christmas Wishlist

Last night I hang out with some of my friends for our usual get together when someone asked me about what I would like to receive this Christmas? And as always I said anything is fine. They insist for something more specific but I don’t have any in mind at that time. Now I’m trying to list  the top ten books I love to received this holiday hoping it will help those who were asking for my wishlist.

The last one  is not yet release until early next year but it is available for pre-order already from Fully Booked.

What about you? What are some of the things you’re hoping to get this holiday season? Have you got any books on your wishlist or like me, your list is full of books too? Or maybe you secretly wishing for a Kindle Fire?

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone!

8 thoughts on “My Bookish Christmas Wishlist”

  1. girl! I don’t know even the half of the books you’re wishing for!!!
    and I couldn’t possibly know what’s on top of my wishlist T-T I never order it like…the first one on the list isn’t really the one I want the most at the time! I’m weird…need to check it out!


    1. ohhh you’re not the only one.. for sure my close friends doesn’t know any of these books. They are not readers like us but I still put the list. The first one on the list is my most want book as of now, the others are not really arrange accordingly. But they are on my To-Buy list and to receive them as Christmas presents will make my budgeting goes a little longer 🙂 Though I’m not really expecting since I rarely get books as presents.


    1. that’s ok. The books you sent me for the swap are more than enough. I can’t really ask for more. Those are lovely books that I’m looking forward to read. Thanks for all the gifts.


  2. My friends know by now what i like, so they just ask me to give them a list with books or something XD
    Inheritance is really good so far! I’m reading it now ^^


    1. Most of my close friends are non-readers and don’t have much patience for book hunting. One of the reasons why I rarely get books as presents in any occasions.

      I haven’t got a copy of Inheritance. The last time I check for this book locally, it’s not yet available in hardbound format and I don’t want to settle for paperback because all my books of the series are in hardbound. But I can wait since I’m not yet done with Brisingr anyway.


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