Thank You For A Wonderful 2011

Today is the last day of 2011 and for my last post this year I want to thank everyone for supporting this blog. For those who been here from the start you all know that this site is not originally a book blog. I used to call it a literary blog where I post all my poems, movie reviews and other literary material. A little portion of this blog was actually alloted for book reviews. It was during the last quarter of 2010 when I finally decided to concentrate blogging about books. Which makes 2011 a full year of reading books and writing reviews and book related topics for this blog. Thank you so much to everyone who accompany me to this journey. This blog wouldn’t be alive and busy if not to all of you who supports and accompany me all through out. Thank you so much!

To readers/followers/commenters, THANK YOU for supporting this blog. Blogging wouldn’t be more fun and enjoyable without you guys. Thank you for giving your extra time to visit this site and read my post. I know it takes a bit of effort to comment or follow a blog so I am extreamly grateful for all of you. Thank you for all your feedbacks, amazing comments and sweets little conversation with me. Those surprise emails I got once in awhile just to say hi and give regards makes me smile and happy. You all pushed me to become a better blogger and to improve this blog, and with that I am more than grateful. Thank you so much for being here and for all the love and support you have shown.

To authors, THANK YOU for sharing the gifts of words. All your works and stories make this blog what it is now. Without your works and talent I don’t have anything to discuss in my post and most importantly I wouldn’t discover and experience the wonderful world of reading. Thank you also for finding time to answer all my questions for interview post and guest post. A special thanks too to those who send copies of their works for reviews and for sending something for giveaway. I really appreciate the fact that you wonderful and talented people are willing to be featured on my humble blog. Getting emails of review request still makes me ecstatic and grateful. Sometimes I wish I got more time to accommodate all your request. Thank you also to authors who take time to read my post, comments on my reviews, chat with me in facebook and twitter. As a fan I am more than happy to those little things, so thank you!

To publishers and publicist, THANK YOU for approving all my request in NetGalley that gives me opportunity to read in advance most of the lovely books I want. Books that I never imagine to get in my hands sooner because of my location are in my reach because of your generosity. Thank you also to those who send me advance reading copies of printed books and eBooks for reviews inspite of being new to this book blogging world. And thank you for understanding my restrictions sometimes.

To bloggers, THANK YOU for all your help, support, advice, feedbacks and most importantly for welcoming me to this side of blogging world. I’m still consider myself new to this but with all your help and support I know I’m doing the right thing somehow. To all bloggers who hosted a reading challenges where I joined Thank You. Those challenges makes me read beyond my comfort zone as well as discover new genre to love and new authors to stalk. It really helps me a lot. Thank you also for Rachel of Fiktshun for answering all my questions for the first and only blogger’s interview I post on this blog this year. I plan to do the blogger’s interview post only once a year so the next interview will have to wait till the month of May next year.

To twitter & facebook buddies, THANK YOU for keeping me updated with all the latest buzz of book blogging, promotions, events, tours and other book related news. Thank you also for sharing a piece of your time by chatting with me online, listening to all my rumbles even the personal and non-book related issues. Thank you for trusting me a part of your life and for sharing your thoughts and opinion from the little and silly things to the most serious and mind blogging topics. Thank you for keeping me company when I’m bored and for keeping me awake in the wee of hours when I need to.

2011 has been an amazing journey for me and meeting and knowing all of you makes me more thankful everyday. Thank you so much to each of you that has accompanied and supported me through this fantastic journey of 2011. I look forward to meeting new people in the upcoming year of 2012, but for now, as what I’ve said a lot of times in this post,



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