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It’s John Green Week!

I just found out from Karla of Karla Reads about this one week event called John Green Week hosted by lovely bloggers of I Eat Words. This event is in celebration of John Green’s latest novel The Fault In Our Stars. I’m excited to get a copy of that book on the released day hopefully there a signed first edition from local book stores.

I’ve only read two of John Green’s novels, one is Paper Towns which I reviewed here on the blog last year. I enjoy reading that book so much and I’ve been meaning to read other John Green’s novels since then. Hopefully this event will let me finally start reading my copies of other John Green’s books. I got a copy of Looking For Alaska sitting in my book shelf but my copy of An Abundance of Katherines is still with my best friend. She borrowed it few months ago but I hope I can get it back this week for this event since I haven’t read that one before lending. Let’s see how many John Green’s book I can read in a week.


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