In My Mailbox: January Releases

For this week In My Mailbox post I decided to feature only the books that are recently released. For the fast few days or weeks I’ve been hunting copies of books that will fit for reading challenges that I joined to such as Debut Author Reading Challenge and Contemporary Reading Challenge which all requires books that were released this year. Here are the books I got that can be considered for the reading challenges:

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Thanks to Louisse for pointing me where to buy a signed copy of John Green‘s latest novel, The Fault In Our Stars. I’ve been waiting for this book since I found out about it. I almost pre-ordered a copy from Book Depository but when I found out that local book stores will be selling a signed edition, I decided to just wait till it become available locally. Which is a right choice since there are some issues that not all pre-ordered books  that were delivered are signed, and waiting orders from book depository will take longer not to mention that there’s no guarantee that the book will arrived in perfect condition due to postage handling . My copy has a purple signature in it, no yeti or hanklerfish doodles. I’m not sure if there were copies with John Green‘s doodles that reached here in Manila. But if I saw one I’ll definitely buy another copy. I want one with the yeti doodle.

Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges
Cinder (Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer

I’m also surprised to see these three books above available from local book stores which are all perfectly fit for Debut Reading Challenge. I didn’t expect to see these books to be available here this soon since it is not always that our local book stores get copies of recently released books. I guess our local book stores are improving. I really don’t know what to expect from all these books but I’m excited to read Cinder because of Fiktshun‘s high rating review for this one.

I’ll be posting the other books I acquired in my next IMM post. Some of those books I acquired earlier than these books but since they don’t fit under new releases I decided to separate them. What about the rest of you, what books did you get this week?

10 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: January Releases”

  1. oooooh my Under the Never Sky! Your bookstore rocks, no doubt. I can’t find these books in mine 😦
    Yeah and I’m curious about Cinder for the same reason.

    You finally have The Fault in Ours Stars yay! I’ve heard it’s really good. Haven’t read anything by John Green.

    Enjoy!!! 🙂


    1. I am really surprised with our bookstore. I didn’t expect to see copies of recently released books this soon. And they got more books available other than those four above too. I saw copies of The Alchemy of Forever, A Million Suns & Don’t Breathe a Word. I hope they’ll be available in your area too soon.


    1. I just start reading The Gathering Storm but I have to put it down. And you really need to read John Green books. They are all amazing!!! you won’t regret it for sure.


  2. I like the purple J scribble! Mine is brown. TFiOS is such a good book! I just finished Cinder yesterday and really loved it too.
    Hope you enjoy all your new reads!


    1. yay! you already read both Cinder & TFiOS! I hope I can start reading mine soon. I really need more time so I can start reading all those books above. My TBR is too crowded already!


    1. aww!! I wish you are near so I can just lend them to you while I’m not reading them. I’m excited to read The Fault In Our Stars!!! you just don’t know what I went through just to get a copy of that one. I bug every bookstores here in Manila for a signed copy. Too bad I didn’t get a yeti doodle but the purple signature is pretty too.


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