In My Mailbox: Fictions & Nonfictions

For this month last In My Mailbox post I’m presenting both fictions and non-fictions books I acquired lately. Most of these books I bought from local bookstores, some I ordered from book depository before holidays but came late like Shatter Me & the Soul Screamers omnibus. There is also a book I won from giveaway, A Little Wanting Song. This book sent by Jayne Fordham of The Australian Bookshelf. I actually won a $15 worth of book(s) from her last giveaway & I decided to get this other book of Cat Crowley. I’ve been meaning to read Cat Crowley’s other works after reading Graffiti Moon last year so I decided to check her books and this one got my interest. I know I will love it because there is music  in it. The Duff is one of the book that included in my to-buy list that I keep on forgetting to buy until I saw a shiny hardbound copy that I can’t resist to add in my cart.

Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior is one of my favorite book and the movie and is also as good so when I saw from the book sale this follow up, Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior I automatically bought it. The copy is fairly bitten and with dedications and notes written inside but as long as the pages are complete and readable I don’t care. The Lucado Inspirational Reader came from book sneeze for review. I honestly didn’t remember that I requested this one, I’m expecting something from Maxwell so I guess my mind is somewhere when I made a request. 🙂

Other than these books I also bought some Kindle books from amazon. Mostly are the new releases that are not available in local book stores and books that I need for the challenges that I joined to. What about the rest of you, what books did you get in your mailbox?

16 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: Fictions & Nonfictions

    • I’m looking forward reading Duff and Shatter Me is really good. I already and review the book since I bought I paperback locally before this hardbound came.
      Your mailbox is really epic. You are lucky for getting books from publishers. Enjoy!


  1. are you serious?
    All this is in your mail box this week?
    are you sure you got it right? aren’t there any other that you might have missed? lol
    OMG I have nothing more to say that ENJOY THEM ALL omg! you got the SS omnibus and Shatter Me! !!
    I want to read Stolen so freaking bad!
    And Duff!!! this is enough for me to keep on drooling and drooling…
    Maricar!!!! I cannot stop looking at the pictures!
    I’m working on my IMM right no, is not up yet ❤ will leave you the link when I'm done.


    • oh I think I miss a book or two! 😀 *kidding* That’s all I got unless you count all the eBooks I bought from amazon. Don’t worry I probably won’t be able to get more books in the next few weeks. For sure my credit card bill next month is ooozzing high 😀 and I promise to limit my book buying to what I really need like for the reading challenges I joined too. I’m not sure if I can make my promise though 😀


  2. I didn’t get any books this week, but I love yours! LOL Seeing the Soul Screamers Omnibus makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. 😉 Apart from SS and Shatter Me, I don’t know any of the books on your list. I might have to check some of them out, though. 🙂


    • don’t worry Ina your maibox will no longer be empty soon. You’re getting your own copy of the Soul Screamers Omnibus right? I know you’l love that one. It’s three stories in one book. I actually read all the books of the series that already released but I decided to get a copy of the ominibus because of the first novella, My Soul To Lose. I want to own a printed copy beside my Kindle copy.


  3. Wonderful week! I love music themed books so am also eager to read A Little Wanting Song. Also, Stolen sounds very good.
    That is so cool that you found the Soul Screamers omnibus. I’ll have to start that series sometime.

    Enjoy all your new reads!


    • Thanks Lucy. I bought the Soul Screamers omnibus from Book Depository. It is not available in my location so I have to import it. I hope you get the chance to read the series soon. It is really good. Stolen was recommended to me that’s why I bought a copy. Hopefully it is good!


  4. You got so many books, pretty good haul. Hope you enjoy reading all of them. 🙂 I’m really curious about A Little Wanting Song too since I enjoyed reading Graffiti Moon last year.


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