Reading A Book From A Book

There were books that mentioned a book or books in its story, either via quotations, character conversations or as a part of the plot. Most of the time when I encounter those books inside a book I get interested, especially when the book plays a major role in the story. When the book mentioned inside the story is something I already read, the familiarity makes me enjoy more the story I am reading because I know what the characters or the plot is talking about. While those I haven’t read nor heard I tend to check about it after reading.

Like when I read John Green‘s latest novel, The Fault In Our Stars. If you have read that novel you are probably familiar with An Imperial Affliction, a fictional book written by fictional character, Peter Van Houten. While reading The Fault In our Stars I actually believe that An Imperial Affliction is a real novel and Peter Van Houten is a real author. Just like how usual a classic book and author are mentioned into different novels. So after reading The Fault In Our Stars, I searched online about An Imperial Affliction and I am a bit disappointed to find out that the book only exist in John Green‘s creative imagination and there’s no way I can get a chance to read that intriguing and seems to be inspiring book.

Then there’s another book mentioned from The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, a classic book by Charles Dickens that I haven’t read but after reading the Statistical I downloaded a copy from amazon of the classic book and added it to my TBR (to-be-read) pile. One of the reason why my TBR pile is getting higher and higher is actually because of this quirk of mine – reading books that was mentioned in another book. I don’t know if there are people out there who also do the same thing. For me, it is like getting a book recommendation but instead from friends and other book lovers I get it from a book. Well, books can be considered as friends too.

What about you, do you also read a book because you encounter it from other book? What book have you read that you discover through reading another book?


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