In My Mailbox: Lauren Oliver Signed Books

I haven’t posted any IMM post since what? Two months ago! Maybe you are expecting tons of books right now but honesty I haven’t bought many printed books lately and most of the books I bought for the past months are not with me right now. I left all my books in my room back in my parents home where my library resides. Right now, I’m leaving alone few blocks near my workplace. And one of the many things I haven’t brought with me when I move were my books. But last weekend I got this opportunity to attend a book signing and lunch party with author Lauren Oliver, so definitely I bought all her books for the event. There is a limit of four books per person during the signing but I bring my sister with me since I have few more books that I need to get signed too for my friends. Here are my signed Lauren Oliver books.

I’m planning to go home this coming week for the holiday. Hopefully I can post all the books I bought few weeks ago to my IMM post next Sunday. I got few new titles & some books from my wishlist that I’m excited to show to all of  you. Till then!

18 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: Lauren Oliver Signed Books”

  1. oh wow, I’m extremely jealous!! Signings events should happen in this country 😦 I love signed books but meet the author has to be a hundred times better.

    They look so pretty, lucky! 🙂


    1. I’ve only met two authors, both with a name of Lauren (Lauren Kate and Lauren Oliver) and they are both lovely. Actually few authors visits our country so when they do I make sure to be present on the event! It is so rare that I want to be part of it.


    1. Thanks! I already read Leisl & Po and it’s good! I enjoy reading it even it’s actually for Middle Grade readers. I’ll definitely recommend it for kids & kids at heart.


  2. you are too lucky *-*
    Again! sooooo jealous~don’t worry, it’s the good kind of jealousy~ hehehe OMG!! that’d be so hard for me! Not to have my books near 😦 but at least you have THESE!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Reading!


    1. Thanks Alba. It’s really hard to be away from my books add to the fact that my Kindle is in bad shape. I hate it! My only solution is visiting the book store near my place almost everyday! I bought few new books this past week.


      1. I hope it gets fixed!!! But WOW if your talking about the bookstore that I think you’re talking about…GO THERE all the time you want!


        1. I really hope too.. I haven’t send it back to amazon for repair. It’s behaving well for the past few days 🙂 Hopefully it won’t hang anymore. It giving me headache everytime it hangs. Frustrating!!! especially when I’m in the middle of reading a good story. That’s the same bookstore. The one I posted a photo in FB. It is good to visit the place everyday but really tempting to buy! I’ll be broke in few months if I end up buying everytime I’m there 😀


          1. OH! well then I hope it keeps working just like that without the bad parts!
            *_* you’re so lucky!!!
            lol argh I need to get this job soon so I can start buying more books!


  3. Finally!!! I got my signed books already. Thanks so much cai. I owe you big time! I really wish I was there with you during the signing. But the signed books were enough. I saw your photos during the book signing event and your lunch meeting with Lauren Oliver. *sigh* you are really lucky girl!


    1. Glad you got them already. I was a little worried when you said you haven’t got it yet. I’m ready to nag the courier personnel already if they haven’t delivered it today! How’s the package? I hope they were in perfect condition.

      I also wish you were there at the event. I haven’t seen you for ages 🙂 When you got a chance to visit Manila don’t forget to inform me.


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