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Book Blogger Interview: Alba From BookPics

This is only my second blogger interview post here on the blog and I can’t think of any other person I want to do an interview other than my fellow book lover friend,  Alba of BookPics. I’ve met Alba through Rachel’s blog, Fiktshun where Alba and I usually stop by. Since then she become my blog stalker and book lover friend. She’s not into blogging at that time but she already reviewing books in her FB Page. Then later on she decided to create her own book blog site, BookPics. One of the place where you can see her passion for books and photography.

The Interview:

Q. Tell us a little about yourself. What are you like outside of blogging and reading?

I’m a Salvadorean (you can learn more about my country on this post), 21 year-old girl who LOVES taking pictures, specially nature related, tried Med school and found out it wasn’t for me…then tried some other things that never worked out as well. Finally am studying what I have always loved: Languages! I love English the most but I’m currently learning Italian ‘Ciao Bella’ and well, I’m becoming an English teacher soon so I’m excited and swear to God NERVOUS as coffee in the mornings.
Other than that, I’m all books, my family doesn’t support me much on reading, have only one real life friend, can’t live without going to the movies and know a lot about bicycles thanks to my dad.

Q. Tell us a bit about your blog, BookPics. How did you come up with your blog title? Is there a story behind it?

I’ll give the ‘short’ version because the other one would take AGES!
Lol, BookPics was the second attempt I had at creating a facebook book page, the first name I came up with was somewhere between YA-Books SLV & Young Adult Reads SLV (SLV=El Salvador) I wanted people to know that even though I blog and post in English I don’t live in an english speaking country. But that page failed, miserably. The only people that had liked it were family and school friends. So I ended up closing it.
After 1 or 2 months I told one of my sisters that I was trying to come up with another bookpage tittle, and she said that if I wanted to not only review books but showcase my love for photography as well then why not “BookPics”…~stunned silence~ by this time I had already met one person that owned a page as well and hers was HUGE-Peace, Love, Teen Fiction- so I asked her if she liked the name, she even went out and recommended me to an indie writer getting me my very first book for review!-The Ocean by Mia Castile ~I cried for an hour or so~and BOOM we ALL loved it, sis, friend and I.
I created it a year ago and only after facebook put something in its policy about giveaways did I create the blog. My first entry was a rant about facebook and giveaways lol. Anyway. BookPics blog was born on May thanks to facebook…the irony? I don’t host many giveaways, I know I stink. Sorry! But my blogoversary is coming and I’m trying to at least host one for my amazing followers!

Q. Has blogging changed your reading habits? Do you read books that you normally wouldn’t read now that you have your own blog?

Um. I’ll be honest. Living where I do I don’t get any books for review from publishers. But I do get requests from indies and I’m ALL for supporting indie authors. I also discovered this heaven called Netgalley and both factors have made a difference that while small is till a difference, tempting me with books I didn’t even know existed.
My habits…oh my habits. I’m BAD, HORRIBLE, STINKY with deadlines so yes those habits definitely have changed -I tend to have the bad luck that when I’m reading a book for review I take longer than when I read a book I just WANT to read- and yes I’ve read books that I never would have considered reading before, Contemporary is an example.

Q. I didn’t know that you are not into contemporary novels before.  So what push you to try reading from that genre? And now that you read a lot of contemporary novels, what book can you recommend for us and why?

It’s not that I felt uncomfortable reading Contemporary, it’s just that the thought never occurred to me. I never forced myself into reading it, my very first contemporary book was Dark Song by Gail Giles and I still remember it perfectly. It was an AMAZING read and a lucky find on my little bookstore hehe. So that’s the book I’d highly recommend, first because many of my blogger friends when asked about this book, they tell me they have never even heard of it and second, because the book is a really dark one, takes you to deepest and scariest places on a person’s mind and it doesn’t take long before you start wondering if you have those same dark places inside yourself as well. You can check my review on this link.

Q. How has the blogging experience been for you? Any best book blogging moment so far?

T_____________T It’s so far, the best thing that has happened in my whole LIFE. YES. I mean it! Don’t look at me like that hehehe. It’s been amazing and happy and sad and everything in between! I get rejected a lot but I’ve met so many wonderful book lovers and followers and readers and bloggers and authors and WOW just WOW.
Oh boy. I have too many moments to count.
Maybe it was the day I reached 100 followers-not long ago-without hosting any giveaways! That meant that they are there because they truly care and take the time to read what I write.
Or, maybe it was that time when I gushed and ranted and rambled and talked so much about a certain book that when I asked the author where I could get his book signed~yes the author is a HE~ he told me to just email him my address and that he’d send a personalized copy adding to it that he’d write a character named after me in his next book-I cried for the whole night or a bit more, I think, when that happened~
Or, maybe when I got to make my first Author Interview on the blog…
Or when out of nowhere a certain Book-Angel as I call them sent me an ARC of Supernaturally by Kiersten White and I cried again…
or when I met Nat…Ella…Tiff…Amy…or You…see? Too many to count!

Q. What are your goals for your blog, BookPics in the future?

I really really just want to continue having fun.
Sharing my love for books my love for photography and nature.
Trying not to cry on my IMM vlogs.
Continue to smile and make people smile! hehehe I tend to receive a lot of ‘you make me smile’ comments so why not add it to the goals?
And maybe, just maybe, encourage people internationally and locally to read and discover the beauty of opening/reading/enjoying a book for the first time…that’s the best feeling and smell ever!

Q. If you could only choose one book to own, which one would you choose?

Oh no! I KNEW there had to be one killer question here for me!
How can you do this to me? I cannot choose only ONE! -besides my bible?-
I thought I would go with either Twilight or Breaking Dawn because of the fact that if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t even be reading again…but I’ll go with…
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater…Oh Cloud! What can I say? I’m just glad you didn’t ask WHY I chose it! hehehe

Q. Since you mentioned it, can you tell us your reason(s) for choosing Shiver?

Oh, boy…never let anything slip by, do you? hehe Well, it was a really HARD, HARD, DIFFICULT question and I decided not to dwell on it and just pick the one that first came to mind.
Shiver is about a yellow eyed boy that is also a wolf, nope no werewolves involved. He literally becomes a wolf, for the winter…and human the rest of the seasons…but he’s in love…and this girl he’s in love with? Loves wolves. -I’m rambling, as usual- The why for me is simple, I’m a hopeless romantic, forever. So, Sam and Grace the way he is with her and she with him, plus Maggie Stifvater’s writing and description of both their characters simply got to my heart in an instant. The story is tragic and beautiful -just as Sam- is sad but happy, it’s all about wanting something so bad it hurts, trying not to lose yourself, fighting for what you love and hold close and dear to your heart. As always, I’m a true believer that LOVE is the most powerful weapon of all and this book proves that.

Q. If you could disappear into any book, which one would it be?

Oooooh a fun one! I’ve been asked this one before and I think I’ll stick with my old answer. It’d be…
wait for it

Any Soul Screamers books, they’re so different from what we get to read, so fresh and awesome and full of action and reapers and maras and ~banshees~ I think I’d have a blast trying to defeat hellions and save lives. The Hot guys are a plus and GUARANTEED *-*

Q. If there is one fictional character that you can bring to life, who would you choose and why?

Argh, I’ll go YA, I’m a hopeless romantic person T_T I really can’t help it. So I’d choose Sam from Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.
Have you read the trilogy? I’d love to meet someone who fights his own demons/fears to become stronger and better not only for the ones around him who need him but for him as well, who can love as deeply as he loves Grace, who would do anything in the name OF Love and FOR Love.
I mean it, he’s cute, shy, poetic, intelligent, mysterious, has a dark past that might lead to dark present & future, troubled, yellow eyes, creative, musician, singer…do I need to go on?

Q. Name 3 books and 3 authors that you highly recommend and why?

~besides Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and Shiver? hehe I know I’m breaking the rules hehe~
Argh…can I divide them by genre or something T_T it’s too hard! So I’ll give you 5 😀

-Dark Song by Gail Giles.Showed me that we all have darkness inside our hearts…it’s a matter of choice if we decide to listen to it or not.
-Ashfall by Mike Mullin. Because at the end of it…you’ll think…”What if…?” This book can totally become reality when you less expect it.
-If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I cried and cried again. Love definitely IS the greatest weapon of all…
-The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting. There’s nothing better than a girl who can hear/smell/feel echoes of corpses of the unlucky…Right?
-A Touch Morbid by Leah Clifford. Yum…hell never held any appeal to me until…Luke. Az is just a plus and MINE *-* Seriously? This book is all things dark and sexy.
There are so many more books that I’d recommend though…

Q. Anything else you would like to add?

~insert deep huge breath being taken by me~
Thank you so very very much! This was my first interview T_T and it’ll forever be in my mind and heart. Never hesitate to stalk me! I’m sorry I’m so weird and freakish but I seriously love books too much not to freak out over everything.
Thanks for having me!

To find out more about Alba, you can visit her  blog, BookPics and you can also stalked her thru the following links:

Twitter @alba_solorzano | FB Page | Goodreads


Thank you so much Alba for stopping by here and for your thoughtful answers. I really enjoyed doing this interview with you. I will definitely check all the books that you mentioned from your answers like the Dark Song which I never heard before. I hope you can drop by here again in the future. And for the record, you are not weird and freakish! You are one of the amazing person I’ve ever met online.

12 thoughts on “Book Blogger Interview: Alba From BookPics”

  1. Awesome interview! You picked some great questions to ask Alba. And it gave me a nice peek at a few things I didn’t know about her! Like her love of Shiver or how she decided to start her own blog. Or how she came up with the name. 🙂

    And it’s a great picture!


    1. ^_^
      lol I’m traumatized with Shiver but it was her use of a German author/poet, don’t know, that made me melt inside and made this one of my favorite books EVER.
      Lol oh the name picking…completely an adventure…the first names were so sad T_T and long lol


    1. Thanks Rita! I hope you’ll like Alba’s page too 🙂 She is amazing! She’ll be celebrating her blog anniversary next month and as of I know there will be loads of fun activities there. So check it out! Enjoy 🙂


  2. Thank you for every other informative blog. Where else may just I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal way? I’ve a venture that I’m just now operating on, and I have been on the look out for such info.|


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