Niederwald by Rachel Vincent (Novella from Enthralled)

“I didn’t want to win the battle. I wanted to win the war.”

Set between My Soul To Steal and If I Die Niederwald is a short story written by Rachel Vincent. It is part of Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions, an anthology book released last September, 2011. This short story tells Sabine’s and Emma’s short road trip. They are travelling together with no other companion which I never imagine before as possible. Not that they are enemy or what, it just don’t fit because they aren’t actually friends.

On their road trip they went to Niederwald, a small town in Texas where the veil between the real world and Netherworld is much thinner than any other place. In this place exist another supernatural species called harpies which were briefly mentioned in the other books of Soul Screamers series. Sabine mission’s for this road trip is to talk to a harpie oracle about Nash and to retrieve something that she left before.

I like the other Soul Screamers novellas compare to this one. Though, I like to know Sabine’s thought I feel that this novella doesn’t give much depth to her character unlike what the other novellas did to their narrators. I want to know more about Sabine. I am really fascinated in her character ever since she shows up from My Soul To Steal. I am amazed with her ability as a mara and her personal background is also intriguing. I never hated her even sometimes she portray the antagonist role in the series particularly to Kaylee & Nash relationship. I admire Sabine’s guts and her determination to get what she wants or who she wants.

Sabine will do everything for Nash.Every decisions she makes she always consider Nash feelings and reactions, like when Emma is in danger and Sabine is thinking if she will have to save Emma or not?

“If I gave her to them, they’d let me go. But though I was a predator, I wasn’t a murderer, and crossing that line would make Nash see me like everyone else did—as a monster.”

Though this novella is short it still have the same atmosphere like the other books of Soul Screamers series. It has actions, dangers, mystery & humor that every followers of the series will enjoy. Reading from Sabine’s point view is interesting and I love to read more from her. Hopefully a longer story dedicated for her character that will discuss more of her background as a mara. A story that will show more depth of her character and more information of her life.

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