The Blank Page

I’m not sure how long exactly I’ve been staring this blank form. Though I got a lot of things running in my mind right now I am still not sure what to write at the moment. I just feel writing this blank page in front of me. Like it calling me to write something and make the page no more empty.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this. It’s a totally random post which I hope will make sense at the end. All I feel right now is writing something about a “blank page”.

When I want to write something like a review or any post, the blank page both excites and scares me. The starting point is always the hardest part for me. Even I got a lot of things I want to say about something I usually don’t know how to start. And knowing that the first part of any post is always the one who calls attention makes it more difficult.

Blank page is anything but blank or empty. For me blank page holds a lot of opportunities. It doesn’t matter what kind of page it is, whether it is a ruled notebook, white canvas, blank sketch pad, or empty web form. It is a chance for any writer or artist to share her thoughts, talents, and knowledge to everyone. It’s an inviting opportunity to contribute something.

The Blank Page

You always intimidate me
Your boldness scares me
But I can’t resist your whiteness
Shining brightly, Inviting me

Your emptiness strikes me
It’s part of your charms
I don’t know how you do it
But you hold me at hand

Sometimes you give me chills
With all the promises you hold
You give me a chance to see
All the possibilities yet untold

Your emptiness relax me
Promising an empty slate
It’s like a new beginning
A chance to restart anew

I want to mark your pale skin
Sketch my undying thoughts
Draw each sensitive lines
And create something new

I want to strike you with lines
Fill you with letters and words
Scribble all the arcs and
Put all the lyrics and rhymes

Though I am afraid
That I won’t do you justice
Frightened that you wont shine
With my markings anymore

I feel that I owe you
For the opportunity you give
I hope I serve you well
Justify each space you share

2 thoughts on “The Blank Page

  1. pisze:Å»adna masakra, Å›wieżo co kawaÅ‚ek WrocÅ‚awia tego doÅ›wiadczyÅ‚ i półki po wodzie sklepów i marketów Å›wieciÅ‚y pustkami. ZresztÄ…, wrocÅ‚awianie sÄ… dobrzy w opróżnianiu półek sklepowych w nagÅ‚ych wypadkach, udowodnili to wieaekrotnie.Rlczoj reguÅ‚Ä… jest, że brakujÄ…ce dobro znika ze sklepów i marketów, szczególnie w mieÅ›cie – gdzie ludzie nie sÄ… przyzwyczajeni do przechowywania wiÄ™kszych iloÅ›ci artykułów spożywczych i wody, bo po co skoro za rogiem sklep…


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