How Fast Do You Read?

Do yo know how fast reader are you? How many books can you finished in a day? Just awhile ago I came across an apps from that can test reader’s reading speed. Being my curious self, I tried and took the test. The result of my first try said that I am 29% faster compare to the US readers average speed. I also got the three questions correct. Then I tried a different sets of passage and length too, which just resulted to a higher reading speed than the first. I think the first try is more accurate, though. In my first try I don’t know about the test style or format, no expectations or anything.

I usually read word per word, unless I’m in a hurry or I just feel that some parts aren’t really important. I don’t consider myself as a fast reader. Compare to other readers I think my speed is fairly average or maybe a bit slower than others. One reason is my vocabulary. English isn’t my native language which makes my vocabulary not that vast compare to others. Even I understand and can fluently speak English I still encounter words that are beyond my comprehension. I don’t usually search the meaning of those words, I just try to understand it by context but still it makes me pause my reading in few seconds.

Also, I think my reading speed vary depends on what I’m reading. I read faster when I am reading fictions or stories especially when the story is really interesting. If the story is dragging tendency is I am more lay back with my reading. If I am reading non-fictions, reference books or any informative article, my style is to try to absorb most of the details and contemplate which make me read a little slower than reading fictions.

How about you? How’s your reading style? Do you have idea how fast do you read? If you are interested in finding out your reading speed, you may try the application from staples. Simply click the image below and you will be redirected to their site. There will also a quick questions after so make sure you understand what you read and don’t just screen the words. There is also an option to change the test length, book passage and font size. Take the test and let me know what results you got. Have fun!

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

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