SWEET EVIL Read Along Week One: Road Trips

This is officially my first read along participation online. When I found out form Rachel of Fiktshun that she’s co-hosting a read along for one of the most highly recommended books in my TBR pile, Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins, I finally give in with the challenge. Rachel has been pushing me before to read the book even before it comes out, but since I don’t have a copy yet at that time I have to set it aside in my to-buy list. After few days and weeks of its international released I tried to find a copy of the book locally but in my appointment the book is still not available in my location. With so many books in my TBR I totally forgot getting a copy of this book until I found out about the read along. So here I am finally reading Sweet Evil while writing this post.

In this first week of the read along we are required to read pages 1 to 121 or for those who are reading from a e-Reader like me it’s chapters one through nine. The theme of this week post is ROAD TRIP which is really timing because I just came from travels this past few weeks. As you all know, my travel escapades were one of the usual reasons when I am missing in action in this blog.

Just last month, I visited two different destinations, The City of Pines (Baguio) and the City of Culture (Cebu). For those who aren’t familiar these two are provinces here in the Philippines are located in different islands. I travel the first one by land and the other one by air. Baguio is what we call here the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cool weather. Every year I got the chance to visit Baguio, but the last road trip happened when I am with my parents & sister. We hit the road at the night from Manila using my brother’s car and spend the day touring the mountain ranges. Our driver that time is a first timer in the city which makes our trip a bit of disaster. He isn’t familiar with all the locations and traffic rules of the City. Baguio is not a big place to tour but the road is usually crowded and most of the lanes are one way. So we went to a lot of tourist places like cave, mountain peak, farms, temple, even churches and military school. We do a lot of site seeing, picture taking and of course shopping.

As for my Cebu trip, it is not actually a road trip since we can’t bring a car with us. My friend and I have to take a plane in order to get there. But when we arrived on Mactan Island we have to travel by land in order to get to the City proper where we mostly tour. We have to take cab, jeepneys, motor or what they call ‘habal-habal’. It is a fun and full of adventure travel for us. My friend and I are both first time tourist on that place. The experience is worth treasuring and really memorable. At first I was shocked that most of the local doesn’t speak Tagalog (FIlipino’s local language) nor English, which I actually expected as common language in there other than their native language Bisaya/Cebuano. I don’t know any Cebuano words and I am surprise that we survived touring the island. WiFi and online maps were really helpful.

I haven’t thought about my dream road trip yet, but my dream travel vacation would be in Europe. Maybe I’ll combine both travels if given a chance. I love to tour Europe ever since I can remember and a road trip will be a great experience for sure. Crossing different countries, cities and towns via land is surely fun and exciting. There so many things to learn and experience first hand. More than seeing the places and tourist spots, I always love experiencing cultures, exploring life styles and meeting new & different people.

As for the Sweet Evil, I’ve only read the required chapters for this week, which end before Anna and Kaidan’s road trip. So far the premise of the story seems good. I haven’t read much angel books lately except for the last installment of Fallen series by Lauren Kate. I’m enjoying what I’ve read from Sweet Evil so far. Kaidan is an intriguing character and Anna’s angelic background is interesting. I’m actually in hurry writing this post so I can get back again in reading and finish the whole book.

6 thoughts on “SWEET EVIL Read Along Week One: Road Trips

  1. I am surprised to discover that there are people in the Philippines who do not speak Tagalog or English. Is it possible for them to live so isolated a life away from the rest of the country, then? There’s a lot to see in Europe, I hope you will get the chance to visit one day and tour the continent!

    Online read-alongs can be a lot of fun. Sometimes I need a little motivation to read a certain book, and fellow bloggers help me get through the book. Other times, sharing the joy from reading a book with others is very rewarding 🙂


    • I’m aware that there are natives who doesn’t speak much Tagalog or English but I didn’t expect it in Cebu or Mactan. I really thought that Cebuanos are English speaking since most of the people I know from there are good in English. I wouldn’t say that those people we encounter in Cebu are isolated since they are just few rides away from the City. And Cebu is a developed area already. Maybe we are just greeted by pure locals? Or they don’t expect that we can’t understand there local language because we are also FIlipino? I really don’t know why they are talking to us in Cebuano/Bisaya only, especially when it is obvious that we can’t speak nor understand their language.

      So you’ve been in Europe? Did you live there or just take a tour/visit? I really hope to visit some great places in there. I’m always fascinated with that continent. It seems that most of the great places are in there.

      The read along is fantastic so far. Not only I got the push to finally read the book, but also I got the chance to discuss it to other online bloggers.


      • It sounds like a mystery indeed. Perhaps they don’t see many visitors? I do wonder.
        I’m from Taiwan originally, but grew up (and have lived all my life) in The Netherlands. The country is tiny, with only 17-18 million inhabitants, but it makes it pretty easy to visit Germany, Belgium, France and the UK. Other countries in Europe are not that expensive to visit either. Even as an European citizen, there are so many places that I have yet to visit!


        • I’ve been in Taiwan few years ago, that’s where I go for my first out of the country trip. My one week stay there for tour is really lovely and memorable. The experience is so overwhelming and I’m hoping to visit the place again in the future.

          I’m not really familiar with Netherlands. I know it’s part of Europe and it’s capital is Amsterdam, but more than that nothing really. But I love to know more, though. And If given a chance I won’t hesitate visiting the country too.

          Like you I haven’t visit so much other places in our continent. I’ve been to four other countries in Asia but there are so much more left to see. I hope I’ll be able to see those great places someday.


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