Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster

Everyone said you were no good
That you would never change
l still took my chances, believed in you
And in every words you uttered

Even I was afraid that my whole world
Would cave in when I let you in
I willingly opened my door
And embraced you as you walked in

I ignored all the doubts
Walked blindly in the dark
Believing you were there with me
Taking my hands and my fears

But along the long winding walk
You did something I never imagined
Said words I never thought you could
And left me alone in blackness

Realization hit me hard and cold
But I blamed no one else but me
For dropping my shields
And trusting you fully

In spite of what you did
I never learned to hate you
You said it yourself, “I am not that kind”
But still I couldn’t forget and I think I never would

You maybe a mess
Like what everyone said
But for my own sanity I believed
The other way around

You were just lost
Drowned in your own dreams
A disaster maybe, but still,
You were my beautiful disaster.


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