Unexpected Journey

Unexpected Journey

Clock is ticking, bedtime is approaching
Pages in my hand slowly running
Eyes are closing, mind is drifting
To Middle Earth I am stepping

In this old tale I am the new
A twist of unexpectation too
Men were young and goblins old
Dwarves, hobbit, and wizard on board

To Lonely Mountain we went to
Through wild and Mirkwood too
Along the way there we met
Creature not intended to be a pet

Goblins, trolls, spiders and wolves
All are eager to contribute to the death toll
But nothing compare to the old Smaug
Who isn’t magnificent in laying waste

Not to forget the riddles at Gollum’s cave
Who requires pretty mind of the wise
In here my wit will be serve at use
A quick mind to do the trick fast and sure

In the end we make it through
A journey full of adventure with the crew
That all started on a hobbits land
Because of the hobbit that take a stand

Before I step out of this dream
And end this epic journey at Middle Earth
Let me say my gratitude quick
To Tolkien who gives every childhood a kick


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