Aklat para sa Kabataan

Aklat para sa Kabataan

In a place where buying books is not a priority, where public library doesn’t exist, and kids don’t have their own shelves nor a single book to read, it is a joy for us to give and share books and the value of reading. So last Saturday, January 5, 2013 I joined my brother for a charity book drive that he organized as part of his birthday celebration this year. It is a book giving activity for kids held at Epiphany of the Lord Parish San Isidro, Barangay 178 Camarin, Caloocan City. With the help of his friends and his 8lien family we successfully share to a lot of kids a wonderful time of learning and fun. There are storytelling/book reading, games, magic and puppet shows, books giving and foods for all. My brother also read one of his original poem.

The event is pure delight to the kids and also for us who are overwhelmed by the smiles and laughter of the children. More than the joy of giving and sharing, seeing these kids having fun is the ultimate happiness for us.




Just like my brother, I believe in the importance of reading. I believe in the importance of teaching kids the value and habit of reading. That we need to encourage them to read more and instill to them how important it is to read. Because reading offers creativity and adventure that enhanced minds and skills. Through reading our imaginations soar which later on give us more understanding. From reading other characters’ stories we learn to empathize and be more aware of others. We learn to understand other people and we become aware that life doesn’t look the same for everyone. We can create our own stories and build our own dreams. Through reading we can become critical thinkers and creative learners, and most of all it can inspire us.

I hope this is just a start of wonderful year of giving and sharing for all of us. That we can impart more knowledge and share more not just to children but to anyone who are in needs. I am now excited and looking forward in this year of giving!

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