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Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge


I’ve been meaning to join this Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge hosted by my friend Rachel of Fikshun ever since she posted the idea on her Facebook account. But then I realized I don’t have much books to read from my TBR pile that will fit for the challenge. Until recently that I visited my goodreads shelf, I found out that few books are actually enough since Rachel didn’t include a minimum requirement of books to read. And the best part is any genre is acceptable. The challenge will run from February 14 to July 14, 2013. You may check the complete list of rules and regulations from her blog, Fiksthun.

Below are my target reads so far. And since there are some series that I’m planning to start reading early this year, their final books might be added too for the challenge.

My Target Reads

If you want to know more about the reading challenge or simply want to sign-up go to this link.

1 thought on “Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge”

  1. Oooo good luck! I fail so bad at challenges, so I’ve just stopped signing up for them. It’s almost like the act of signing up for them alone makes me fail, because if I didn’t sign up, I’d likely complete the challenge just randomly on my own. There are things wrong with me, I know. I’m behind on the Clockwork series, I still need to read Prince before Princess comes out. *sigh*


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