Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors

Saving Juliet

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. In other words, a wish is a good place to start but then you have to get off your butt and make it happen. You have to pick up a quill and write your own damn story. ”

Two Juliets, both alike in desperation….
Seventeen-year-old Mimi Wallingford of the Broadway Wallingfords, has a life most girls can only dream of-complete with the starring role in her family’s production of Romeo and Juliet. but acting is not her dream, (there’s a shocker) and she’s fighting for the right to trade her script for a scalpel and become a doctor.

Thirteen-year-old Juliet Capulet of the Verona Capulets, has lived a lonely life-imprisoned by the fued that conumses her family and by her iron-fisted mother’s forcing her into an unwanted marriage. She will do anything to avoid her betrothed, even if it requires faking a boil on her bottom-or something more dangerous.
During the play’s final performance, Mimi’s wish to get away actually comes true when she and her heartthrob costar, Troy Summer, are magically transported into Shakespeare’s Verona. Now that she knows the real Juliet, Mimi doesn’t want to stand by and allow the play to reach it’s tragic end. But if saving her new friend means changing the ending of the greatest love story of all time, will she and Troy ever make it back to Broadway?

Personal Thoughts:

Mimi Wallingford is a stage performer who’s family owns a theater in New York City. Her usual gig is playing Juliet on her mother’s production of Romeo and Juliet. In her latest play she will co-star with a teen pop singer and heartthrob, Troy Summer. The opening night doesn’t go well for Mimi but still continue her role even all she really want to do is fly to Los Angeles to her auntie and pursue a medical career she always wanted. On the play’s closing night, Mimi accidentally break her necklace that contains ashes that magically transported her and Troy into Shakespeare’s famous story, Romeo and Juliet.

The concept of being transported to a fictional world is what really piqued my interest to read this book, I think that idea alone has so much potential which can make the story grand and interesting, especially if the chosen fictional world is as famous and influential as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. I anticipated a lot of things from that concept alone, like how the author will weaved her own story alongside with the most famous love story of all time. But sad to say, the book didn’t deliver much as what I expected, instead of a sophisticated story it only offers a light, comedic and twisted version of Romeo and Juliet. Not that it is bad, for the most part it’s still fun and enjoyable to read. I just feel that Selfors wasn’t able to stretch the concept into a grander scale which I think would be fantastic.

If you read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (which I think everyone is familiar already, after-all they call it the most famous love story of all time) I think you’ll appreciate Saving Juliet more, but it wasn’t necessary to enjoy the book as a whole. It’s just more fun if you at least have a bit of reference from the classic play while reading. Meeting Shakespeare’s characters in a different circumstances is a lot more fun as Selfors insert her own twist and turns to the most romantic and tragic love story of all time.

When Mimi and Troy were in Verona living in the world of Romeo and Juliet, Mimi is too absorbed in her goal to save Romeo and Juliet, and help Juliet pursue her dream. While I understand Mimi’s motivation, I can’t say that I agree with her because as much as I enjoy reading a different version of Romeo and Juliet, Mimi’s involvement to these two lovers’ story is too much for my liking. Like Troy, sometimes I just wish that Mimi will just let the story flow on its own course and don’t interfere so much.

“I’m begging you. Enough with the Mimi to the Rescue’ thing. It’s a story. Let it end.”

But I don’t hate Mimi nor dislike her, in fact I feel sorry for her sometimes. Like Troy, she lives her life through the expectations of others. They are both acting for the sake of pleasing the public. Mimi grows in a shadow of her family legacy and as the last in the line she has this obligation to fulfill and honor her family even she doesn’t really want to be that person everyone she expected her to be. Troy on the other hand need to project a certain image for his career advancement. He needs to act like a typical famous pop star even it is not the real Troy.

“We’re both marketable products and people use us to advance their own careers. But is the product who we really are?”

The plot is a bit calculated. It’s easy to know what will happen next but nevertheless fun to read. The ending is too happy ever after for my liking. Not that I don’t like happy endings but I feel that it’s just overly done in here. Not only the main characters ends happily but also the other world they visited. And after they got back to the real world, everything seems fall into place. Mimi’s mother who used to be the villain in Mimi’s life suddenly become supportive to Mimi’s decision and choices. It happens too fast because according to the story Mimi and Troy actually gone for only five minutes. It close the story nicely by giving a happy ending but it’s not realistic at all. Few minutes ago Mimi and her Mom is fighting with money and career issues, then after Mimi went out they are now ok.

Overall, Saving Juliet is an entertaining story that can be easily classified as cute and sweet because of the light feeling it leaves to readers. But more than the entertainment value, Saving Juliet is a story that reminds us the importance of standing to what we believe in. That in finding our own happiness we need to pursue what we really want in life and not what others implant to us. We need to write our own life story – create our own plot, discover our own inner characters, face our own enemy and step into our own endings. Because no matter how perfectly plotted your life is, if you don’t wrote it, it still not yours.


1 thought on “Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors”

  1. “transported to a fictional world” –> that is interesting!!! I agree about the potential you are talking about too bad it didn’t played well enough to the story though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts for this one.


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