Vince’s Life by Vince O. Teves

Vince's Life

“Getting over it isn’t the point for me. I had something in my life that was beautiful and true. And that isn’t something you ever get over.”

This is the book that chronicles real college life: making grade, forming friendships that will last the rest of your lives, charting your future, and falling in love possibly for the first time. For regular guy Vince O. Teves, every significant experience during the four years that would shape the rest of his life was worth remembering. This is his story.

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Personal Thoughts:

Vince’s Life is classified as a chick lit but surprisingly written by a male author using a point of view of a male character, which I think is one of the selling factor of this book and the other two of Vince’s Life series. From what I gather, Vince’s life is a true story by the author with a pen name of Vince O. Teves. It is originally published as a monthly article in the pages of Seventeen magazine which later on compiled, edited and turned into a book.

In a nutshell, the story tells Vince’s four years life in college where he experience friendships, love and other usual college life experiences. It focus on his relationship with her best friend turned girl friend, Andrea. From his struggle to make the first move, to staying together in-spite of all the difficulties and trying to make their relationship last.

The book is written like a journal entry where Vince chronicles his life. A typical and true story of a real guy who is brave enough to write the four years of his life and share it to every readers of a magazine. Even if he did not use the real names of the characters involved in his story, everything still sounds real and true. Vince’s voice carry a feel of sincerity which makes it easy to care for him. He is a sensitive and honest guy who like everyone else experience the ups and downs of life. I think he is the most sensitive guy I encounter reading that is close to real. His sensitivity is beyond my perspective for a guy, which simply proves that man and women are equal when in love. That they are both capable of doing silly and unpredictable things for the sake of love.

Reading Vince life story feels like chatting with some of my guy close friends without boundary, like peaking in a guys mind more than I’m allowed to. Vince emotional and honest story telling is a welcome and pleasant experience. The way he narrate his relationship with Andrea is raw and honest. I’m actually surprised how romantic and cheesy a guy can narrate his own love story and I am more surprised that I am able to relate to this guy. He surely is a hopeless romantic which most of the time men don’t show to everyone. I really admire his guts to openly share his soft side to the public.

“People change all the time, that’s the problem. When people are together, they keep track of these changes, and adjust, make sacrifices or grow together. But sometimes people change in different directions, and the distance just grows.”

Overall, Vince’s Life is a searingly realistic story that echoes a sensitive and honest voice of a man brave enough to show his soft and romantic side. A story that will simply reminds you of the beauty and heartache of first love and most importantly tells you about life choices and your part in it.

* This review is based on a copy I received courtesy of the publisher, Summit Publishing Co., Inc. via Jieneb in exchange of honest review.

6 thoughts on “Vince’s Life by Vince O. Teves”

  1. I’ve read this book way way back, I can’t remember much the details of it except that Vince doesn’t get his happy ending. Now reading your review feels like I want to read the book again. I want to feel again “Vince’s sensitivity” as you call it and the “beauty and heartache of first love”. I can’t believe I forgot all those things!


    1. oh! I hope you get the chance to do a re-read! Have you read the other two books? You need to read those two if you want to see Vince find his happiness. I think you’ll love it if you enjoy reading this one.

      Vince is really a sensitive guy in this book. The fact that he written his own love story that actually classified as chick lit says a lot about him. I don’t personally know the guy but he seems got a big heart. I really enjoy reading his story with his simple but honest writing,


  2. you’re reading a chick-lit! that’s something I didn’t know. is this also a YA? I haven’t heard this book before but it looks interesting – a chick-lit written by male author. I will definitely check this one out.


    1. I’m not sure if this can be classified as YA but definitely a chick-lit novel. Also, it is a local published novel, I think you can relate to the story 🙂 The author writing style is good, definitely flowing and absorbing. I think you’ll enjoy the book.


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